The Alpha King Series

The Alpha King Series

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[Warning: Mature Content] "Don't give me that look, or I will take you right here right now!" His eyes gleamed with danger, and Amelia gulped down her saliva nervously. How perverted can this man be? Amelia is a girl who remained a wolf-less after her 18th birthday. She is regarded as an abomination, a disgrace to their kind, and she is treated as such at the Pack she is offered shelter. Amelia's life takes an abrupt turn when she discovers a secret that results in her escape from the Pack and unknowingly runs into the hands of a man she couldn't even dream of. This man is the prince charming in every woman's fantasy and the worst nightmare in every man's dreams. More secrets are yet to unfold, and so is an untold prophecy.

  • Werewolf
  • Alpha
  • Dark
  • Possessive
  • Fated Love
  • Dominant
  • Domination
  • Weak to Strong
  • Powerful Couple
  • Romance
CHAPTER 1 No Escape

"Where is that bitch?"

Amelia heard the voice of trouble calling for her, and her heart started pumping franticly. At this moment, she knew there was no escaping for her. Not this time unless she planned on jumping through the window and risking herself dying as it was high.


The door was pushed open with force, and Amelia's worst nightmare stormed in with two of her comrades. Emily's face was so red that Amelia thought the girl would go in flames any minute.

What had she done wrong this time? Amelia wondered because she had done well keeping her distance from anything that would land her in trouble. Then again, it didn't matter how much she stayed away because she believed her first name was trouble as it seemed to fish her out.

Amelia's focus was pulled back when "You bitch! Where did you go with him last night?" She heard Emily yell with so much venom.

A silent sigh left Amelia's throat. She didn't even know what that guy wanted from her. Did he realize the rugged spotlight he was throwing her in? Or was this one big joke to him? Was it fun to see her get bullied because of him? Maybe that was the case.

Amelia lifted her gaze at the fuming fellow who carried herself as the queen of the world in front of her. Emily's manicured nails were always on point, her fiery red hair on fleek, and so were her heavy makeup and expensive clothes. She was the princess of their pack and Amelia's worst tormentor.

But before Amelia's gaze fully settled on Emily, a loud slapping sound that had Amelia go deaf for a fleeting second reverberated through her small bedroom. The stinging pain on her right cheek followed, and a single tear fell from Amelia's eye.

She held on to her right cheek with her right hand as the burning pain that came with the slap was unbearable. No doubt it left prints on her skin. When will all this end? Was this the life she was destined to live? To endlessly be at the mercy of others? Amelia questioned herself in disorientation as she remained still in her standing position, not wanting to invoke any more aggression from Her Majesty.

If eyes alone could kill, Amelia would already be six feet beneath the ground from Emily's deathly stare. Anger was a lesser word to describe the feeling that swelled within her.

What happened?


Emily was lying lazily on her bed while paying little attention to her best friend (Kate), yelping about the King visiting their pack the next day. On the same day, their pack was to celebrate the shifting festival.

Visiting packs every once in a while was something the King did to keep tabs on everything that went on under his rule. It was an idea to ensure his people were governed by caring Alphas that would guarantee the well-being of the members and not subjugate them to hardships.

Rumour had it that the King was one handsome guy that one glance at him had women losing their breaths and minds and would do anything to be beneath him. To be under his mercy while he drove them to a destination that could only be reached through his rocky ride.

So like every other wishful and lustful woman, Kate looked forward to his arrival. She was confident that she would unquestionably get herself one unforgettable night with the King. Kate believed her beauty to work its magic and wouldn't disappoint her. In fact, she was optimistic it would go beyond a mere night as the King would want to have her again after witnessing her skills first-hand. He would love to have a whore like her warm his bed.

In contrast, Emily was sure Kate wouldn't get even passed whoever would be attending their celebration with the King, let alone get on his bed. Being the Supreme Alpha to all werewolves was with great authority. And with all that had been said about him, of how cold but drop-dead handsome he was, there would be a long queue of women wanting a taste of him. As such, it was sad that Kate had nothing but wishful thinking.

Minutes that felt like forever went by until Kate decided it was enough with her rants. She glanced at her watch with a dubious smirk before she turned back to Emily. "That reminds me; I saw Peter and Amelia very intimately last night." She continued, "With how he seemed smitten by her, there is no doubt she will succeed in snatching him right within your grasp."

Without another second, Emily jumped to her feet. "What did you just utter? I mean… Are you certain they were the ones you saw? Together? Intimately?" Emily queried. Her chest heaved as immense anger rose within her.

She had gone to Peter last night, hoping to get some relief as it had been days since he last looked in her direction. To her disappointment, he had informed her of his intention to go on pack patrol with the warriors because they had spotted rogues on the border. As it turned out, he had lied to her and instead went on his rendezvous with Amelia. That bitch. Why wouldn't she die from all the pain inflicted on her through these years?

"What was it about that trash? Why wouldn't Alpha Francis let me kill her? Why would he let us do everything else we wanted but never to the extent of ending her miserable life?" Emily muttered more to herself.

"Maybe he also gets a bit of her. That wouldn't be surprising, would it?" Kate scoffed.

Emily thought how that sounded about right. Why else would Alpha Francis not want Amelia dead? Of course, he was also bewitched by Amelia's pretty face and great body that attracted men like flies. Peter included. Such a threat she couldn't have to linger around any longer. Therefore, having Amelia breathe her last would be the best outcome for either of them. In fact, that would be doing Amelia a considerable favor. Leaving behind her miserable life was something Amelia should be thankful for. In turn, her Luna position would be secured, and live happily ever after with Peter.

However, there was a setback to that perfect plan. One that was due to Alpha Francis's no-killing instruction.

Emily stomped her foot in displeasure. If killing her was not allowed, nothing was said about torture. A menacing smile crept on Emily's lips as she mind-linked Melody and Britney, informing them of her plans.

With that, she stormed out of her bedroom, heading towards the small space Amelia lived in.

Back to the present…

Amelia's hand was still on her flaring cheek as she fought back her tears. The pain she had to undergo over the years would be an endless tale if she decided to tell it. But she wouldn't show how affected she was, especially by Emily.

"Take her!" Emily ordered her comrades.

Amelia's eyes shot up in horror. This wouldn't end well at all; she knew it. But before Amelia could have the time to lament how much of a deep shit she was in, tight arms that belonged to Britney and Melody whisked her away to goddess knows where.

Amelia only realized they were headed for the forest when she saw the giant trees as she was dragged in that direction. Why did she feel that whatever Emily had in store for her was nothing good? That she should be afraid and try to escape? But how? She could barely sustain the solid holds on her that had her bones cracking and screaming for relief. She was powerless, a mere human or close, as she had no perks their kind possessed. She was a wolf-less-she-wolf—a weakling.

Amelia visualized herself lying practically motionless in her tiny space with her body covered in her own blood while she waited for help that would never arrive. It was nothing new, as she had endured Emily's abuse since her grandma's death five years ago. The unfortunate outcome that landed her at the Blue Moon Pack, where she had to live her life watching over her shoulders.

So, Amelia let them pull her there and do whatever they wanted with her. Moreover, this wasn't the first time anyway. She had seen worse… or maybe not. At the very most, her bruises would take a couple of days or weeks to heal since she had no quick healing abilities that come with having a wolf.

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