The billionaire's stripper

The billionaire's stripper

  • R. S. Paradise

  • 15.4K words
  • ongoing
  • 18+
  • Eye11
  • Star7.5

Kelsey is your almost nonregular stripper who worked at the Extramood Strippers club around the neighborhood. Life is hard and even tougher with an abusive drunk father fighting for his life. But when he told her to leave, she knew she'd never be able to go back. She's determined to protect her virginity at all costs but when Blaire, a notorious stripper discovered this and rats her out, she's suddenly faced with a hard time shutting all the club men out, a dilemma of what she truly wants and why she's doing what she's doing. But her life is about to change when she's offered a job that takes her to Paris, to work as a stripper for the popular Fleur Del Mansioñé. A popular house which comprised of a huge family Casino, an astonishing first class restaurant, and a classy pub, owned by the popular family, "The Mercedes". What happens when she meets the cold, handsome, drop-dead gorgeous Billionaire who discovers her 'secret' after taking her home for a nightstand. Zane Mercedes is your regular billionaire whose life is about to spin around after meeting the strangely sexy innocent woman who worked at the famous Fleur Del Mansioñé, while having to deal with a family who only sees his reckless side and are determined to put his life together.

  • Billionaire
  • Possessive
  • Strong Girl
  • Love at First Sight
  • One Night Stand
  • First Love
  • Sexual
  • Romance
Chapter 12

I started moving my legs frantically to the sides, "stop!" I continued screaming.

"You be quiet!" He snapped before kissing my chest again, his pants now free from it's buckle. He started forcing his thighs between my legs. I was starting to lose my breath, starting to lose my voice as his hand dug into my wrist painfully.

Just then, the door bursted open and I heard Donovan's voice scream my name.

"Get off her!" He yelled, walking over to put a punch on the man's face. He falls off me to the side of the bed before Donovan walked to me, trying to pull me up.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" He asked.

I nodded, trying to stand away from the bed and gather my torn dress to cover my exposed chest. The man tries to stand up and make a run for it but Donovan gives him another punch and he falls back.

"What the hell did you think you're doing?!" Donovan screams at him, hand up against his throat on the bed. "Get a fucking dance and leave, wasn't that the deal?! Huh?!"

"Am sorry....."he tries to speak through his tightened throat.

"I could get you arrested for harassment and attempted rape, you know that?!"

"I'm sorry...I..... heard that she was.......a virgin...that's why I.....asked for a" his voice barely came out as he was being strangled by Donovan's strong hand. But the instant he said that, I stood there dumbfounded.

"What? What did you say?" Donovan questioned, pressing harder on his neck till he started struggling to breathe and break free.

"Donovan," I tried to stop him from chocking him unconscious, or worse to death. Killing him wasn't a solution to this problem, if anything, it's only gonna cause more trouble than we couldn't handle.

"Who the hell told you, huh?! Who?!" Donovan pressed "who the fuck told you she's a virgin?!"

"Don, stop!" I screamed, getting pissed as the second passed. Every second I spent looking at that horrible man's face angered me. There's no asking him anything, it's clear who told him.

Donovan slowly let go of his neck and climbed off him. Matching to me, he grabs my wrist and drags me out of the room. A couple of girls stood watching along the narrow hall outside the room. I wiggled my wrist out of his grip and hurried away towards the nearest restroom. I caught sight of Blaire and some other girls seated at the bar. If I didn't notice that look of satisfaction on her face then I'd be damned. I hope she's happy now.

Sean tried to stop me as I tried to get into the restroom, Donovan still on my tail, calling after me.

I pushed past Sean and hurried inside, hearing Donovan's voice as he said to Sean, "alright Sean, who the hell told that douche Kelsey's a virgin? Who?!"

"Don't ask me man, I don't know okay? The guy just came in and asked for kelsey and a room"

"You gave them a room?! Sean, you know very well the policies guarding this club and our girls!"

"Come on man, I didn't know your girl was a virgin. Giving rooms to two is normal around here too"

"Shut the hell up, Sean!"

"Alright man," I heard Sean's quiet voice, then his light footsteps which slowly faded away afterwards.

I looked completely different from the kelsey who had walked into this club earlier today as I watched my reflection on the mirror. My make up was smeared all over the wrong places, my hair scattered on my head. I washed my face with the running water, before I heard Donovan's voice from outside "Kelsey? Are you okay?"

"I'm okay" I replied loudly so he'd hear through the door, hoping he won't hear the anger and pain in my voice. The last thing I wanted was him getting worried over me again.

"Can I come in?"

"Uh ....sure"

I heard the door click open but I don't turn around to see him. I tried to pull my dress together to cover my exposed chest. Good thing I was wearing a bra.

"Kelsey, are you hurt?" He asked, stopping behind me.

"No, " I looked over my shoulder to him " I'm fine. Thanks for coming when you did"

"You're sure he didn't hurt you?"

I nodded, facing forward again. "I'd like to get something to wear now" I told him, hinting him to leave so I could find my way into the changing room.

"Oh, I can give you my shirt" he offered.

"No, don't worry. My shirt's in the changing room. I just need to get there"

"You won't be walking there half naked, are you?" he pulls off his black tee-shirt and points it to me. "Here"

Looking at his reflection on the mirror, I gave him an appreciative smile before taking it from him "thanks"

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