MILLIARDAIRE SERIES 1: The Billionaire's Missing Wife

MILLIARDAIRE SERIES 1: The Billionaire's Missing Wife

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Adam Reigo Ashford is a multibillionaires who owns a well-known Wolf Company and is well-known not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries. Most people think he's single since he doesn't always stick to ladies, despite the fact that he attracts a lot of attractive women. But most people are unaware that an Adam Reigo Ashford's stone heart has been captured by none other than Eleanor Mia Aberra, the woman he has been hiding for a long time in his enormous home. What if he lost his wife for the first time while she was in his custody, searched for her for a long time, eventually found her, but she had no memory of their previous past? He also discover that they had a child at the time. However, what if their relationship is just starting to be tested? He already lost her for once, so what if he lost her again, but this time his wife will be gone in the world that he couldn't ever find again. What can a Multibillionaire do to help his ailing wife?

  • Boss / CEO
  • Billionaire
  • Betrayal
  • Love Triangle
  • Marriage
  • Fated Love
  • Sweet
  • Dramatic
  • Romance
Chapter 1: His Innocent Wife


I glanced at my wristwatch to check the time and see that it is already 7:30 PM. I get up from my swivel chair, fix my coat, grab my suitcase, and leave my office to go home. My eyes are still cold and fierce, and no one should ever look directly into them because they make people feel as though they will die.

"Sir, you're going home already?"

I stop walking and turn to face my secretary as she asks, showing my emotionless eyes look at her. I detest it when people ask me meaningless questions, so I simply ignore her and continue walking to go home where I know my wife is waiting for me. The thought of your beloved woman waiting for you at home and giving you a tight hug makes you feel really good. She always waits for me in front of the door, and I secretly smile at the thought.

As soon as they see me exiting the elevator, all of my employees lower their eyes and bow down to me since I am the CEO of the Wolf Company and the boss.

"S-sorry… Sir I didn't see you coming," I clench my fist as someone bumps me and stains my white polo. I move backward and look at her coldly before slapping her too hard. I can tell she meant to bump into me because I just see her lipstick stick to my clothes.

"SLAP!"All of my staff gasp when they see the girl already on the ground and her bloodied lips from my harsh slap.

My eyes were burning with rage as I asked, "How dare you put your disgusting lipstick on my clothes." I noticed that she was startled and that her lips were quivering as she spoke.

She said, "I-I didn't mean to do that," but when I gave her a forceful kick, she passed out.

I sternly remarked, "Clean this mess I don't want to see her inside my company again," and I walked out of the building.

I drove home to check on my wife as I was riding in my car, and I think she was already bored from waiting for me. I just shake my head at that thought.

Time passed. I parked my car in the garage of our mansion, went outside, and then went inside to open the main door. As I did so, the house was silent and it appeared as though I couldn't feel her presence. I hurriedly walked upstairs to find her, threw my suitcase on the sofa, and opened the door as soon as I reached our room. I believe she got bored waiting for me and fell asleep on our bed.

I approach her and all of my exhaustion leaves as I notice her innocent face. Her rosy cheeks, pink lips, and wavy hair caught my attention. I don't know why, but I find myself smiling as I watch her sleep. I take off my necktie and slacks pants, then take off my shocks and white polo, until I'm down to just a pair of boxers before lying next to her and giving her a back hug, she is only wearing her nighties at this point, so my hands are already at her stomach and I can feel her skin.

Her fragrances make my hardness conscious, I'm truly dependent on her, my hand travel to her bosom and I can't resist the urge to play with it, I heard her delicate groan as she still sleeping as I'm playing with her bosom, her bosom is so delicate and fit to my hands, I eliminate my hand to her bosom and gradually move her confronting the same while her legs were completely open, and I'm presently bowing focal point of her open legs, I gradually move her nighties up and show her pinkish areolas and white skin.

I plant little kisses on her belly as my lips contact her bosom, I sucked her bosom and lick it I can't stop it since I'm excessively dependent on her, her bosom makes me need to take her and jump her regressive while doing canine style. I feel that she contacts my head while groaning, I take a gander at her while as yet sucking her bosom she's still snoozing and I can't find the right in front of her likeness while playing with her bosom.

"Hmmm….r-rego." I can't stop myself to grin as I heard my subsequent name turning out in her mouth with a delicate groan.

I put down her nightgown and begin to lay down next to her after I stop playing with her breasts. I kiss her glossy hair and then sniff it. While my head is in her neck and I'm exhaling hard, my sinister hand moves to her underwear and gets inside before playing. I started playing inside her after inserting my middle finger into her vagina. Her lone sound is a faint moan. The white fluid that has leaked from her vagina causes me to remove my finger and lick it because I enjoy the flavor of her juice despite how salty it is. I give her a tight hug and go to sleep.

When I opened my eyes in the morning and saw that she wasn't there by my side, I frantically ran out of our room and down the hall while yelling.

"WIFE WHERE ARE YOU?!" I screamed at the top of my voice.

"IM HERE HUBBY!"As soon as I heard her shouted, I hurried into the kitchen to meet her. When I got there, I saw her cooking and, I can't help to gasp as I saw her sexy back, she was wearing only her nighties. I couldn't help but walk behind her and hug her, but my hands were firmly ensconced in her breasts.

"Hubby, what are you doing again? You usually do that when I'm cooking, and you also didn't explain the object that you entered in my p*ssy before, that one is sore so I won't let you enter that thing to me again." She innocently remarked.

"My wife is too vulgar," I smirked in response.

"Why is that?" She asks but I just secretly shake my head.

"Nothing baby, just let me touch your soft breast because I want to touch it. Do you want me to buy you anything?"I abruptly questioned while my hands were playing with her breast,

I released my hold on her breast when She Shockley turned to face me and questioned, "Really you want to buy me anything?" Before I respond to her question, my mind starts to think of dirty things since I can see the eagerness in her typical brown eyes.

"Yes, under one condition." I playfully said.

She smiled and asked, "Okay, what is that?"

My lips had a teasing smirk as I asked her, "Always let me touch your soft breast when I wanted it, leave it, or cope with it?"

She responded bluntly, "Deal, that's easy because you always play and touch my breast that's why I'm used to it." She's incredibly naïve, and I'll make sure that I have a baby with her and grow old with her till the end.

"Come on, I'm done cooking, just seat at the table and I will serve the food for the two of us, then I'll tell you what I want you to buy for me later when you get home from work." She quietly murmured, so I just sat on a chair and waited for her to serve our lunch,

I couldn't take my eyes off of her while she was preparing and setting a plate down because every movement she made appeared to be very gentle as if she couldn't possibly break a plate. Even just by looking at her, I could tell she was very soft. Even though she had blemishes before I found her in the jungle and even though I haven't let her leave the house since I still can't deny that she has the kind of beauty that anyone could be obsessed with. I didn't mention to her that I have friends and none of my friends have ever seen her, and nobody dares to enter this house without my permission.

I didn't hire maids or drivers because I don't want anyone to see her and I don't want to lose her, but I'm frightened that someone will see her because I simply want to be the one who can gaze at her.

She is solely mine, therefore I have no idea what will happen to me if she leaves; I could go insane and end up dead.

When she raised her palm in front of me and said, "Earth to hubby! Let's eat," I came out of my trance and noticed her sitting while our breakfast was being prepared.

"Hey, come here and sit on my lap, I want to feed you." I quietly murmured to her, I can only reveal my genuine grin and gentle side to her, not even my parents and friends see me smiling like an idiot. One quality about her that I liked was how she got up and walked over to me before sitting on my lap. She was also very obedient to everyone.

She quickly fell into a comfortable position on my lap, and I quickly wrapped my hand around her petite waist to start feeding her. I then began eating with just the same spoon and fork, because I wanted to do everything with her. We even take daily showers together.

After finishing our meal, I picked her up in bridal style and carried her to the sofa in our living room. I sat down, and she remained on my lap. As soon as we were seated, she turned to face me, wrapped her two legs around my waist, and pressed her head against my neck. My neck is her favorite place to rest when I'm at home, which is why I loved her more.

"Now tell me what you want me to buy for you later?" I asked her and smell her fragrance coming to her shiny hair.

"I want mango." She said softly.

"Is that what my wife wants?" I still ask.

"Yes." She said.

"Okay, just rest wife, I'll buy you a mango later after work." I smiley said.

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