Sadistic Alphas

Sadistic Alphas

  • Elena Titania

  • 9.3K words
  • ongoing
  • 18+
  • Eye21
  • Star7.5

{explicit scenes, abuse, Violence, }    The Crescent Moon Pack defeated the North East Atlantic pack. All the she-wolves of the black moon were taken into slavery and burnt down, including villages, cities due to the Crescent Moon Pack's tyranny.     Rava, a twenty-year-old Omega, daughter of the leader of the Crescent Moon Pack, was bullied, abused all her life and ridiculed by her family and the pack who sold her to her mate, Alpha Ragnulf, from the Moon Stone Pack, who sleeps with any woman he desires. She soon went to war with her father like a puppet, who attacked other packs to take full control of the territory which wasn't his, because the Alphas with the other Packs were bitter enemies who strive for the ultimate power to gain immortality, to be fully under control and be at the top.     One day, she encountered an Alpha, after wiping out his pack, because he refused to surrender to them and to her shock and dismay, her mates were both twins, no, triplets. Her worst nightmares came true.

  • Possessive
  • Werewolf
  • Dominant
  • Betrayal
  • Weak to Strong
  • Abuse
  • Shapeshifters
  • Reverse Harem
  • Dark
  • Twisted
  • Forbidden
  • Fantasy

I was frightened, seeing his back shoulder standing in front of the window. I knew there was trouble, I could feel his anger at each shaky step I took. "I've been searching everywhere for you, Ragnulf, I had to…"

"Don't you dare call my name, Rava?" He turned towards me with his red eyes which were filled with rage and I could sense his clenched jaw as he broke in. This was going to be a quarrel, he is always belittling me, does he think I am that stupid or is he just being ignorant?

"I'm sorry, is there any way I have offended you, I could make amends and see what I can do…"

"Stop with the pretense, I hate that look on your face, it's very disgusting.' He uttered with venom, walking towards me.

"What can I do to appease you…"

"How many damn times have I ever told you to stay away from me, how many times." He took the jug in rage and threw it in front of me, which got shattered on the floor as I took a little step back and shivered. My eyes were blurry with tears, I didn't know what to do. He's angry, he is always like this, cold and bitter.

"Father was the one that invited me to come to the ceremony.' I quickly replied.

"And you couldn't tell him that I said, you should stay in the mansion and not come to the ceremony." He roared.

"I'm sorry,' I shortly apologized. "You needed aid as you are my husband, I'm supposed to go assist you.' I quickly said.

He began laughing hysterically and then, he glared at me and walked close to me and held my shoulders with piercing claws. I could feel blood dripping slowly down my arms. "Don't mess with me." His dark expression was scary as I shut my eyes and turned my impression away from him.

He clenched and squeezed my shoulders with his hands, my shoulders were so stiff and so painful. "Please, it hurts.' I pleaded with him, I cried.

"That's a lesson for you to stay away from me, when I say so, don't get carried away because you are married to me, you only got a title on your head and nothing else, believe me, don't mess with me.' He pushed me as I fell to the ground and tears flew down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry,' I shivered, hoping my apology would melt his heart.

"Do you think I want your clumsy excuse ass sorry, I don't want it from you, you are a stupid bitch that doesn't deserve to be with me." He shouted.

"I'm sorry, I had to come because Father wanted me to come until I saw you with those women surrounding you…"

"Are you jealous,' he scoffed.

I went mute. No matter how jealous I am, it is not going to change anything, it's only going to make it worse, involving my life.

He laughed mockingly and chuckled.

"Whether I'm surrounded by the world, it's not of your business, you are a disgusting piece of thing, you deserve to be in the slum, Rava, if it weren't for my influence on your life, you will be annihilated, also without your father behind you. You are my property, your father sold you to me, so I can do as I please, you hear me." He shouted and pulled my collar, clenching my neck as he forcefully dragged me up the floor.

"You are nothing without me,' he snarled. "If you want to live and don't want to be burnt by the pack, you better behave yourself or face the consequences, if you ever interrupt my moment again, I will deal with you. Don't push me, Rava, because the next thing I will do is to cut off every connection with you and withdraw from the pack, I think you already know what that means." He clenched as I struggled for him to leave my neck alone, you will regret it, so behave." He pushed me down to the floor, I coughed so bitterly and tried as much as possible to take a breath, my neck was burning so badly, I was panting and coughed so hard.

"Dad." Elsa came running towards us and stopped when she saw our expressions. I could notice her fear and how nervous she was as soon as she came close and realized what had just transpired.

"And,' he rudely said. "What are you doing here, Elsa?"

"I…I came to see…to…to…" She stuttered before Darien, she was anxious.

"Cat got your tongue, is that what your lesson teachers have been teaching you, how to stammer." He said with sarcasm.

"No,' she shook her head. "I came to see Rava, she said…" Her hands were trembling as she spoke. "She said, she was going to teach me my homework today, like help me to study."

"Then, what am I paying the lesson teachers for, if you don't understand what they teach you and if Rava keeps helping you, how are you going to learn what you've been taught, if you are being assisted all the time? What is this dumb of an Omega going to teach you." He got close to her and slapped her hard across the face.

Elsa cried and fell to the floor. "Daddy, I'm sorry, please forgive me." She begged.

"Are you supposed to call me, Daddy?' He took out his belt, furiously. "What are you supposed to call me,' he roared.

"ALPHA RAGNULF,' Elsa cried out, sobbing and I got up, kneeled in front of her and begged my husband. "Please, don't harm her, she will learn…" I screamed when he used the belt to wipe my cheek, which left bruises on my face.

"Don't interrupt me, when I'm doing my duty, know your place. You are nothing but just an Omega, you have no right to stop me. Even the child doesn't want you interfering in her issue, she's an Alpha, in greater status than you, buzz off and let me do my thing." He said.

My face went numb as hot tears flowed down my face, I stood up and stepped aside for him, to face Elsa.

He was right, I needed to know my place.

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