The Rise of Elsa Lieng'

The Rise of Elsa Lieng'

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Something bad was bound to happen tonight. Thunder and lightning crackled at a distance. In the abandoned basement,the lightning flashes illuminated the figure of a young girl curled in a foetal position as she tried to find comfort in her own skin. This could not be happening with chattering teeth she muttered to herself. A while ago,she had woken up from her fitiful sleep only to find herself covered in blood. On the floor lay the cold body of her long time companion and teacher,Ms.Estelle. Before she could ascertain what happened the door had been pushed open. "Murderer, murderer, bloody murderer". Her mother accused her. At this moment she only wished for a second chance in life. Will she be able to get it?

  • Abandoned
  • Weak to Strong
  • Revenge
  • Rebirth
  • Historical
  • Overcoming
  • Romance
Chapter 1. Omen

“What a bad omen”
“Something bad was bound to happen tonight”.
people rushed to the safety of their houses in an attempt to escape the thunder and lightning bolts.
On a normal night the flashes would be described as amazing but tonight’s episode chilled people to their cores it is like the gods were angry, but why?
As darkness engulfed the sky, thunder crackled in a distance as the heavy torrents of rain fell from the gloomy sky. Woken up by the storm that was raging outside Erica could hear some movements, an ominous feeling arose in her heart. To hide her presence, she held her breath while uttering a silent prayer
“Please don’t come near me, please let it not find me.”
It’s like the gods had heard her unuttered silent prayer, not noticing any more movements she heaved a sigh of relief.
She did not know how long she had slept but the next moment she woke she could feel wetness all around her.
As though sensing her movements the dim lights turned on automatically.
“Aggggrrh!” She let out a blood chilling scream.
Next to her lay the blood-soaked body of her teacher Estelle with a sharp hair pin embedded in her chest.
She called while shaking her immobile body.
“What happened here?” she asked through her chattering teeth.
Adjusting her position, she reached for the hair pin.
Her only question was who could have done this? she had been here all alone how did Estelle end up in the basement?
The moment she reached for the pin the wooden door was pushed open
“Aaah! bloody murderer, murderer”. The blood chilling scream sent the entire mansion into a state of chaos.
On the door stood her mother Stephanie, her half-sister Sofie and the housekeeper.
“My goodness! Erica what have you done you murdered your own teacher?” accused sofie
“I d-I didn’t do it, please call 911, Estelle wake up, wake up” she shook the still body now and again not believing her eyes.
“You expect a dead person to wake up? Erica, I knew you were cold but not this heartless to take your teachers’ life”. Her mother chided her.
She tried to extricate herself however everything pointed against her.
Who would believe her, on the ground lay now the pale faced Estelle whose blood hard dyed the hard concrete floor red and her supposed murderer hovered over her with her clothes soaked in blood and in her hand she held the hair pin that must have taken her life.
Looking at the people standing on the door she knew that she was doomed she had no way out.
At that moment the face of the man she had not seen in a while came into view
“Fa..father, I did not do it”. Although the word father felt strange on her lips she tried to appeal for her innocence. If none of these people believed her maybe her father would surely do.
However, this was nothing but her wishful thinking.
“Guards”. Mr. sterling’s face was filled with disgust and pure hatred. It is like she found her mere distasteful and unpalatable.
“Arrest this-this thing”, he said his words were like a cold bucket of water dousing any ember of hope within Erica’s heart.
“Take this filthy piece of scam and drag her to the village square”.
To him she was nothing but a piece of garbage that he had always wanted to get rid of and now that an opportunity had presented itself how could he not grab it.
“Mother, mom please it wasn’t me, I don’t even know how Ms. Estelle ended up here. Remember I was all alone when you locked me inside”.
At that moment she felt a powerful force kick her chest
“You piece of shit, you claim not to know how Estelle ended up here? Are you implying that your mother is framing you for her murder?”
“Noo, I would never even think of that. I only meant...”
“You meant what?” Mr. Sterling flared up.” Shut that gutter you call a mouth. For your information Estelle came to deliver your food, do you want to say you weren’t aware of Estelle’s care towards you?”
Picking the plate of meat stew and chapatis that were now soaked in blood.
“How audacious of you. You have the nerve to deny murdering your teacher. She went to the trouble of bringing your favorite meal but what did you do you murdered her”.
His words made her already heartbroken heart feel like it was dripping blood.
Erica’s pleas fell on deaf ears, she knew that her father might not favor her but what of the woman she referred to as mother. She was wrong to think that the woman she referred to as Mother would show compassion on the account of being her daughter.
This family of hers was like an animal that eats its offspring.
“Guard you still want your jobs? Drag this bastard out of here?”
This was the first time she had heard her father call her a bastard. This left her wondering whether there was some truth to it.
As they dragged her on the hard concrete floor towards the Stoney pathway that led to the village square, she knew she was done for. One thing was for certain Erica Sterling would cease to exist after tonight, she was doomed regardless whether she killed her teacher or not. There was no way out of this great injustice.

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