Feigned Relationship with Ms. Billionaire

Feigned Relationship with Ms. Billionaire

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"Why would you want a pretend boyfriend?" He asked her. He looked at her sternly waiting for a response. It was new to him. Usually it was men who did shit like that, why her? "Nothing," She said, knowing fully well in her heart that she had lied. "Saying nothing means something...." He stared at her waiting for a response. Why would he care? It wasn't his business. She thought. She stood from the couch with doubt in her heart. She wouldn't just tell a stranger about herself. A stranger that she wouldn't see again after he does his job. It won't make any sense. ......................... Olivia Campbell, the heiress to her father's wealth lies to her family about having a boyfriend when in the real sense she now hates men. To protect her image in front of her family, she hires a man to pretend to be her boyfriend. But will it go smoothly as planned? ................ When her family finds out about her fake relationship with the playboy actor, what will happen to her inheritance?

  • Billionaire
  • Lighthearted
  • Passionate
  • Fake Marriage
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Pretend Relationships
  • Family
  • Contemporary
  • Steamy
  • Romance
Chapter 1

The buzz of her phone lingered on and on. It kept buzzing non stop making Olivia squirm in bed continuously. To pick up the phone and look at it was kind of a very difficult thing, as she wanted to sleep undisturbed without getting any calls or messages. Because over the week she had worked and worked so much that all she wanted to do that weekend was sleep and rest. She looked at her phone on the nightstand with a sleepy face and a frown on her face. Who could it be? Of course, it couldn’t be work; she had made sure to complete her schedule for the week. She stretched and wiped her eyes before taking the phone. Her mother has been calling all at once. How will she forget how persistent her family can be when they want to speak to her?

She sighed with exasperation while going through the messages from her mother. That woman wouldn’t stop disturbing her, would she? She tossed the phone to the side and stood up from the bed. Grabbing her robe from where it hung, she went to the bathroom to wash her face. When she was done, she came back to her phone ringing. She peered at the phone screen, her father was calling. If she had a choice, she wouldn’t pick up the call. Because at least she knew the end product of the call.

Grudgingly, she answered the call and placed the phone close to her right ear.

“Morning dad,” She said to him, rubbing her eyes and hoping at least that the call would end smoothly without any talk about her relationship.

“Morning sweetheart, how’re you doing?” Her father asked sweetly.

“I’m fine dad” she responded and then boom! Just when she thought the conversation was finally going to be worth it for the first time in a long, long while, then the conversation began.

“Have you by chance been ignoring your mother?” He asked. Well, of course, she has. She has been preventing herself from having any more relationship talks with the woman. She was also tired of hearing the woman ask her to get married, she was tired of even lying to defend herself all the time but lately she didn’t have a choice.

“No dad, I’ve only been busy, that’s why” and then, she was lying again. She couldn’t just say yes to her father’s question or could she? No, she couldn’t.

“C’mon sweetheart you can’t be so busy for your family,” Her father said with a doubt. Somehow he knew she could be ignoring his wife’s calls and texts. He also knew how his daughter was with her mother especially since his wife has been on Olivia’s neck to get married. He wanted her to get married too, but he also wanted her to do it happily and at the very right time. But his wife was too pushy sometimes and even he knew that.

“Anyway,” her father began, “Your cousin is getting married in a few days’ time. So, your mother and I have also decided to use that opportunity to come visit you”

“Dad? Visit me? In a few days? How many days is that? Why are you just telling me?” She asked, panic setting in and worry laced in her voice.

“Why? Can’t we come to see our only daughter again?” her father asked.

“No, dad, nothing. Of course, you can” she responded sharply, as she tried to hide the anxiety she had welcomed.

“Plus we would also be happy to meet that sweet boyfriend of yours; the one you’ve always talked about, remember? Your mom is very happy about meeting him. I am sure even the young man is dying to meet us too” her father said with a willing smile on his face.

“Okay, dad I’ve got to go, see you soon, bye, love you” She ended the call before the man could say anything else.

“Shit! Shit!” She muttered against her breath. What would she do? Boyfriend? Only she knew that the boyfriend she kept telling her parents about never and doesn’t exist. Now, what will she do? What will her parents do when they find out that she had not been with any other man for 3 years now, since Richard broke up with her? She would blame Richard for making her lie to her family. She blamed him for everything and in her heart, she of course cursed the day he was born and the day they met. Richard was her first love and the love of her life. She had hoped and dreamed of getting married to him. She had seen him as her world and everything she desired all in one. She still remembers how they met, back in high school. That day, a major big boy, Donald in school was teasing her about her small stature. But it was Richard who stood up for her. He was her hero–knight in shining armor. She had always loved him and lived with the belief that he loved her too. They had the plan to get married after she was done with business school but just like that it became a promise and plan not kept, she saw her heart shatter to pieces.

The truth is, she still wasn’t ready to get intimate or do anything with any man yet. As far as Olivia was concerned, all men will always be like Richard and so she didn’t want to get her heart broken again. Except now her family was coming to the city, what will she do to make sure they didn’t find out about her little white lie? It would be pathetic if they found out, her father would surely be disappointed in her. What will she do? Olivia paced around her penthouse with a heavy heart; one waiting to explode any moment.


“Hello Mrs. Pam.” Devon greeted the elderly woman sitting in her pastry store.

“Morning dear, how are you today?” the elderly widow asked in response to Devon’s greetings.

“I’m alright Mrs. Pam” he responded, moving into the store close to the woman. Devon was all dressed in black jeans and a yellow vintage shirt, he was heading out. Even though it was the weekend, he had an audition for an acting job.

“I’m heading out Mrs. Pam, I have an audition today, I just hope I get the job,” He said to the woman and she nodded with a smile.

“Of course, you will, son,” She said to him.

“Thank you angel'' He said to the woman calling her the name he had given her was very fond of. Taking a meat pie from her tray, he stuffed it into his mouth and walked out of the store. As he went he hummed to himself, chewing the sweet pie.

Devon McGuire just like any other young man had dreams. Dreams of becoming famous and rich, dreams of living a happy and luxurious life. He had lost his parents in a car crash and was forced by life to care for his younger brother who was autistic. He had fought for survival and almost lost his life on the streets but thank God for Mrs. Pamela, the widow. She was the one who took him in when he recently moved here. She showed him what it was like to have a mother once again. With that, he had named her ‘angel’, to him she was his angel. Ever since, he lived from paycheck to paycheck as an actor. Succeeding only to feed. He had even dropped out of school–he didn’t even make enough to feed well let alone have extra for college tuition fees. For him, his life was one he dreamed of and wished of changing. But how would that happen only with a wish?

Regardless, he worked hard and made up some savings from the little he earned.


Devon trailed off down the road to the bus station to meet with his friend, Sharon who would go to the audition with him. Sharon was a black lady and she had red hair. She was a slim and tall lady, almost Devon’s height although Devon was a bit taller than she was still. And Devon was older than her too. They had become friends since the first audition he went for when he moved.

“Hey Sharon,” he said to her once he saw her. She had been waiting for him.

“Hey dude, what’s up?” she asked, going to hug him.

“Are you ready for the audition?” He asked her since they would both be working as a team.

“Always ready, you know me,” She said smiling and shaking hands with him.

“Okay, that’s good. Your hair looks nice today” He said to her more like a tease than a compliment.

“Don’t insult me man, I love my hair the way it is,” she said to him, hitting his hand off her head.

He laughed at her trying to defend herself as they got into the bus.

“For real, it's nice though,” he said to her and she smirked.

“How’s your mama?” Devon asked.

“She fine” She responded and Devon nodded. The rest of the bus ride was quiet and a bit long.

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