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She had always wanted a mate. Stories her parents told her became history when he appeared. She knew he was her mate but why didn't he have any reaction? Why was he claiming that someone else was his mate? She was his employee, he was her boss. Just when she thought it was going to be alright, her life came crashing down. *** Lewd sounds could be heard in the room as the slamming of flesh against each other resounded. "Haaa...," She screamed in bliss while he grunted as he pounded into her furiously, his lips wrapped around the lollipop stained with her juices. "What?? She's my mate? She's dead?"

  • Werewolf
  • Alpha
  • Billionaire
  • Weak to Strong
  • Survival
  • Getting Back Together
  • Pack
  • Workplace romance
  • Twisted
  • Sexual
  • Secrets
  • Romance
Chapter 1 Chance encounter

It was a sunny day but that didn't stop the hustling and bustling in Texas, instead it reinvograted their fighting spirits to work harder.
"Mum! This is too heavy for me, you know I can't carry this much!" Alice complained to her mother as they walked to her shop.
"You wouldn't be here helping me if only you'd get a job! Do you even know your age!" Alice's mother replied angrily while opening the door to her shop. Yes, Alice clocked twenty five years old last month.
"Mum! You know that's not my fault!" Alice yelled grumpily. Alice's mother had known her daughter since birth so she didn't waste her time arguing with her. This had always been their routine every morning.
Just as Alice's mother unlocked the shop successfully, a short chubby woman popped out from God knows where.
"Aish, you've started scolding your daughter again this early morning! Cut her some slack. You know...I asked you to introduce your daughter to my son so that they'd clique but you refused. If you had accepted your daughter wouldn't be jobless now" the chubby looking woman voiced out while raising her chin high. She knew that Alice was a rare beauty but found it hard to say it aloud. She had wanted to use her unemployment to force her into marrying her son but who knew that not every poor people were the same.
Alice sighed loudly 'here comes the nosy woman again' she mumbled. Alice sniffed the air and immediately felt the urge to throw up. 'shit! This nosy woman didn't take her bath this morning. You stink.alot!' Alice yelled the last part inwardly. Normal humans wouldn't be able to catch a whiff of the nosy neighbor's scent but she was a werewolf. She had a fantastic sense of smell.
"Good morning ma'am" Alice had a small smile on her face as she greeted the woman who butted in. Alice's mother quietly laughed. Indeed, a mother would always know her child best. She knew that the smile on Alice's face was that of anger and sarcasm. Mrs. Theresa, Alice's mother, was used to her neighbor's taunt so she made no effort in acknowledging her.
The neighbor who knew that she was ignored once again had flames coming out of her ears and nose. Her face had turned red like that of lobsters. This was the sight that was very pleasing to Alice. Ever since her neighbor had turned to a trouble maker, she had always derived fun from seeing her red and flamy face.
The chubby woman stumped her feet and immediately scurried to her own shop. Alice laughed for some time before her expression turned solemn. Her mum was right, she needed to get a job as soon as possible! Their expenses has gone higher and the profits gotten from this shop wasn't even a tip of the iceberg.
She sighed loudly before helping her mum to set up the coffee shop. Though it wasn't a big shop, but there was a shelf of books that could be seen at the centre of the shop.
They had just finished setting up the shop when an average looking man walked in along side with a woman.
Alice went to welcome them and took their order. Once they had been served, Alice sat not too far away from them making their conversation very audible to her.
Just then, Alice heard them talk about a job vacancy. Her curiosity was piqued. She wanted to hear more so she immediately ran to hide behind the book shelf. The man and woman were sitting at the front of the bookshelf so they had no idea that Alice was listening in on their conversation. Alice squatted down and kept pushing herself forward. She wanted toake sure she'll clearly heat all they'd be saying. As she moved forward, she wasn't paying attention to where she was headed.
She had just taken another step when her nose came in contact with a long leg. Alice felt her head spin, her nose began bleeding and she lost consciousness.

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