Death wish

Death wish

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You're protecting me? By destroying my life completely and making me a leper. You're the worst parents and I hate you". Bella shouted and ran to her room leaving her parents staring sadly. ***** I felt my heart skip a beat and the hairs on my body stand as I felt someone staring deep boring holes into my body. As if manipulated, I turned around and met those blue black eyes boring holes unapologetically into my soul without turning away after I had caught them staring so intense. I felt hot and cold at the same time as he watched me. My heart was frantically beating faster and it was as if it would burst out from my chest. Suddenly, I couldn't see anyone in the room it was as if they just disappeared into the thin air and suddenly he was in front of me staring unapologetically deep into my soul. I felt vulnerable and weak as he moved dangerously closer. My brain screamed danger and for me to run away from him but how could I? I was rooted to the ground I couldn't move it was as if my body was against me. I felt betrayed by my own body. He raised his right hand and placed it on my left cheek. His hand was cold but it didn't stop my body from getting hotter. Then he spoke with the most angelic voice I have heard in my entire existence that sent shivers to my bones. "A las I found you mà cherié". Then he smirked wickedly making want to dissolve. " Hello! Earth to Mel!" " What are you thinking of Mel B?" And suddenly everything was back to normal. It was as if nothing happened. I shook my head at Evie as she stared at me curiously

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  • From Enemies to Lovers
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Chapter 1

Meet Bella Houghton, the role model of most of the young girls of both her age and younger than her. She's the only child of her parents Mr & Mrs Houghton the owners of the fast rising Houghton's enterprise. Bella was envied by all the teenagers of her age. To them, she had the most perfect life they all wished for. While some admired her, most people envied her and called her a proud child who had everything to her advantage. She had the brain, the looks, the figure and was also the school's Queen. To them she had everything a young girl needed but the question is, is she really happy?

Bella's POV

Everyone thinks that I am the girl who had everything she needs in life but all I ever wanted from life was to be like every other normal girl. To have the freedom to go to parties, shopping without bodyguards hovering around me but it was all in my fantasy. As I grow up, instead of my parents to reduce their hands around me, they're increasing the security around me. The only time I have to myself is when I am in the restroom, the rest I either have my nanny and my personal bodyguards or I have like eight bodyguards around me.

I just wish I can be like every other normal teenager out there. I don't have friends because the people who come close to me only want either the popularity or to be noticed by the popular guys or even because of the money. We are in holiday but I don't feel like it because I still have to go through the same daily routine as to when school was in session. The only extra thing I do is sleep more and browse Netflix with my nanny the rest, I have to study. My life was just a repetition of yesterday. No extra.
My parents had gone for a conference at France earlier today.

" Bella dear I am coming in okay". My nanny Clara called from outside my room bringing me out of my chain of thoughts. I wanted to reply her but I decided to live life a little before my parents return from their conference meeting. I laid down on my bed and covered myself with duvet.

" Bella baby, it's time for our Netflix chill". My nanny Clara called from outside my door.

" Nanny please leave me alone, I want to be left alone". I said in a teary voice.

" Bella I know you're sad about your parents. I will leave you for now".

I waited until I heard her retracing footsteps then I went on with my plans. If I had known that it would cost the lives of people, I wouldn't have moved an inch.

I tied the curtains together and threw them down the window. I knew exactly where the guards where stationed at. I climbed down the rope I made successfully. I made sure that none of the cameras caught me. After I had made it out of the house through the back gate, I breathed a sigh of relief. I felt free. If only I knew that the feeling was temporary. I walked down the street. My first stop was the ice cream spot. It felt great walking alone without bodyguards hovering around me and people staring at me.

Author's POV
Somewhere around, there stood a man in an all black costume who was observing the girl's movement without her knowledge.

" Boss, the golden fish is on sight". He spoke into the wireless earphone.

" This better not be a false alarm Madrigal because if it turns out to be a false alarm, I assure you that the next time your father calls, it would be to plan the burial of your sisters ". A man at the other end of the line said with no emotions.

" I understand boss and I can assure you that it is not a false alarm. She has the mark on her wrist. The target is alone". Madrigal responded. He wondered how his father got into a debt with this devil that he had to pay him with his lifelong service to spare the lives of his sister's and mother.

Madrigal watched as the little girl who didn't notice she was being watched laughed happily at the jokes made by a street comedian. He shook his head as he wondered what her parents must have owed his boss that made his boss want her.
Without knowing she was being watched, Bella turned to go back to the mansion since it was almost time for her tutorials.
She successfully entered her room without anyone noticing she had been absent. She smiled as she climbed her bed joyfully.
" Bella please open the door, your parents are home". It was her nanny again. She wondered how many times the woman had knocked on the door pleading for her to come out.

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