My Bully Buddy

My Bully Buddy

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I stopped at a strong smell but strangely good and my wolf started saying something inside me I couldn't tell what she was saying so excited I looked up at the owner of the smell and as soon as my brown eyes met his blue eyes my wolf screamed to my "mate" that the alpha william is my companion I mean how often do you go for a little walk And you find a case of bullying, and how often do you interfere in this situation and beat the bully, and how often do you get summoned to the Alpha office to find that he is your companion, who will give you a punishment, and all this in one day

  • Mystery
  • Serious
  • Magic
  • Powerful Couple
  • Weak to Strong
  • Revenge
  • Superpowers
  • Pack
  • Historical
  • Werewolf
  • Vampire
  • Alpha
  • Fantasy
Chapter 1

"Alison, wake up, Alison, Alison! "
"Stop, you're awake," I said resignedly, and I looked at him and saw him smiling triumphantly
I grabbed him and put him on the bed and started tickling him. The sound of his laughter filled my room as he tried to ask me to stop.
"Now you will learn not to wake me up again." I told him, laughing too
"I... I give up..." he said with difficulty between his laughter
" Okay, now tell me who I am." I stopped tickling him and waited for his answer
"Alison," he replied
Wrong answer attacked him again
"You two stop playing and go downstairs, the food is ready," said Zack's mother Megan as she entered the room and looked at us.
I took a shower, got dressed, which was a gym outfit, and went downstairs to the dining table
"Good morning," I said
"Good morning," my brother Austin answered and looked at me, or rather at my clothes
"Alison again??? You know today is a day off," he told me
"I don't have a day off," I replied, sitting next to him and Zack
"Okay, do whatever you want." He sighed as he continued eating his food
"How do you say you and I go shopping today?" Megan asked me trying to calm the electrifying atmosphere between us
"Sorry Megan, you know I don't like shopping that much." I apologized to her before kissing Zack's cheek and standing up.
" I am going now "
"Can you at least come back early?"  Austin said to look at him
"I'll try my brother," I replied and headed outside
My name is Allison, I am 20 years old. My family members are my brother Austin and his girlfriend Megan and their son Zack. My brother is the alpha of the White Crescent flock. My father was the alpha but when he and my mother died, my brother took his position.
We as werewolves live in the world with humans, but we live in a herd and a community of our own.
There are many supernatural creatures that live in this world without the knowledge of humans, such as werewolves, vampires, witches and others, and there is a council that facilitates the involvement of these creatures in life like ordinary humans.
There are many werewolf herds, and all of them have their own space and the number of their members who belong to them. To conduct operations, the herds or those responsible for them, i.e. the alpha, create projects in the human world so that werewolves can work there and earn their living, but their home always remains in their herd and they follow the orders of the alpha.
Each herd has its own area and boundaries, and if a werewolf crosses the boundaries of a herd that is not his herd without permission, then he is among the dead, especially rogues. I hate them very much.
"Good morning, Mr. Willen. Isn't today a holiday?"  I asked the person responsible for the security of the training room
"I know I just came to give you the keys, so the alpha told me you were coming." He answered me as he gave me the keys I smiled softly at my brother thinking of me.
"Thank you and I apologize for that."
"It's okay, no problem, I'll go now," he replied, disappearing, and I opened the room in the center.
In every herd there are major things, i.e. you find them in any herd
The first: the herd house, which includes the members of the herd. It is large and consists of rooms, a kitchen, and many facilities such as a library... Sometimes individuals prefer to build houses independent of the herd's house, and the officials agree, provided that the house is on the land of the herd.
Second: The center is where the offices of the alpha, the beta, the gamma and the commander of the warriors are located. These are the ones responsible for managing the herd. There are also training rooms for the warriors and guards.
Third: The Herd Hospital Because our nature is different from humans, we cannot go to their hospitals, so they will know that there is something abnormal, so there is in every herd a hospital for werewolves.
In addition to the alpha house, it is usually separated from the herd house as my house. There is no large distance between all the facilities and it is not close either. The larger the land area, the larger the number of facilities and a little farther.
You must be wondering about studying. We all went to school with humans, and the majority of werewolves do not complete university. When we graduate from high school, we can find any job we want or see ourselves as good at it in the herd or in one of the projects abroad.
I walked into the room, took off my jacket, and started the thing I had been doing for a while, training. I'm a warrior or at least the deputy commander-in-chief. I got my position after many trainings and with my own effort, but now I keep running away from my family and my entire surroundings by this, so my brother was angry.
I started doing some warm-ups before I started my training every day I felt tired and lay on the floor I heard the door closing and the smell of my brother Austin approaching me I lay down and saw him sitting next to me we continued our silence
Allison spoke after a while
"Yes," I replied
"How long are you going to keep doing this?? You know it wasn't your fault" he told me to sit and look at him 3
"I just know..." I held my hand, trying to find the right word
"It hurts?"  He told me to nod at him
"It's just more than painful, as if the period of my mother and father's death has come back to me, the same pain and my inability to do anything is still the same."
"Don't say that, Alison, I always tell you that my mom and dad's death was predestined, and you were just a child. You weren't helpless, you were a child, and I'm glad you're alive."
"But I wasn't a child that day. I was old and I was a fighter but I couldn't save him" I told him
"Alison, you can't save everyone, and you shouldn't. Just to point out, he's the one who broke my orders. I told him not to go near the border until others came, and he didn't, and worse, I almost lost you if we hadn't arrived in time."
"He was just trying to do something to protect his flock from the Rogues."
"I know Alison, but it's been two months and you're like this, you get up and you come here and you don't come back until the middle of the night and you don't do anything."
"I'm sorry, I'm starting to hate the death of everyone close to me at the hands of the Rogues, so I want to make myself stronger."
"You're really strong Alison, do I remind you how you take down our warriors even though they're huge and you're so small?"
"Don't worry brother, I'll try, I'll try to get back to myself."
"Yes, and to help you, I have made procedures for you."
"What procedures?"
"Put your jacket and let's go home I'll tell you on the way" He said to me to stand up and grab my jacket We left the room and from the center to close it and start heading home
"What procedures?"  I asked him again
"Tomorrow you will go to the Red Moon Flock for a month." He answered me to stop walking and look at him, waiting for him to tell me that he was joking or something
"What? Where did this come from?"
"Well, I still don't understand why I should go?"
"Because that will make you stop thinking about anything and make you change from your current bad style, and also I advise you to accept or do your thing as an alpha" I hate him when he talks with that look
"Okay, I agree," I replied with a smile
"Good, I think you will have fun there. Since when have you not seen Andrew?" "Six months ago" "So good you can see him and spend some time with him"
"I don't want to spend time with him and he has a girlfriend to spend time with if I forgot" I answered him smiling
"But you, like his little sister, will take care of you." He answered me"


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