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My name is Fabien Salvatore, the most feared man in all Sicily and its surroundings, used to always get his way, I am a perfect man, flawless in all areas, nothing and nobody can match me. Until she appeared and turned my perfect world upside down, I no longer think only of myself, now I have a recurring worry in my head, I need her around all the time, but she always wants to run away from me, so I did the only thing that could keep her forever by my side. kidnap her. .. . . . . .

  • Boss / CEO
  • Killer
  • Abuse
  • Happyending
  • Revenge
  • Mafia
  • Abusive Love
  • Dark
  • Tragedy
  • Twisted
  • Romance
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Today the house was completely full, my father's family was visiting, they had some kind of meeting, of which I could not participate, and possibly never will be able to.

My adoptive father, is the head of one of the most important mafia families, and I am just the shame of my mother's family, my grandparents hated me, they always remind me that I should not be alive. my mother, she committed suicide when I was born, according to what I have been told and what I have heard, she was kidnapped months after marrying my father, nobody knows what she really lived there, but what was clear is that she had been raped, and from that abuse, I was born, it was no wonder nobody loved me, I was nobody's son! a bad joke, the bastard son.

- What are you doing here? -

I looked up from my book and looked at Silvio, the son of the brother of the man who took me in, what a pain in the ass! Why couldn't he leave me alone?

- I'm reading, don't you know what a book is? -

Silvio ripped the book out of my hands and threw it on the floor, I took a deep breath trying to control myself.

- Aren't you ashamed to live here? Uncle only keeps you because he feels sorry for you. Even your grandparents don't love you, you bastard. Because of you my aunt committed suicide! -

I took a deep breath, this asshole wanted a beating!

- Silvio, what are you doing with that monster? Let's go inside -

My "brother" had arrived with two more guys.

- Seeing his face pisses me off! How do you put up with him? -

Silvio asked my brother Mariano.

- Get out of here! -

I shouted and bent down to pick up the book.

Silvio kicked me in the face, I felt a terrible pain in my nose.

- You bastard! You deserved it. This is not your place. -

I looked up, the two boys laughed at me and then ran away, fucking cowards.

I entered the house, Piero my foster father, was there with his brothers, he looked at me, and frowned.

- What happened? -

He asked me indifferently.

- Did you stumble? -

My father asked me, I smiled and went up to my room.

I walked through the garden with a bat in my hand, this was my limit, I wasn't going to let anyone step on me anymore, if I wasn't going to have their acceptance, I would make them fear me! I.... Fabien De Santi would be a demon feared by all! and I was going to make that clear today.

- Are you out of your mind?

my brother shouted at the top of his lungs, but it was too late. I hit with all my might the bastard who dared to hit me. No one had the right to touch me.

The asshole was on the ground crying, I threw the bat aside and grabbed him by the hair and forced him to look at me.

- Next time I'll kill you -

I warned him and smiled at him, my dear cousin had a dislocated jaw.

- Bastard. -

My brother shouted at me and pushed me.

- Dad is going to kill you, I'm going to tell him everything! -

He shouted at me, helping our cousin to get up.

I wiped my nose with the back of my hand, there was a lot of blood.

- I should be thankful I hadn't found my razor, I would have loved to cut his face from end to end.

Mariano looked at me angrily and left with Silvio.


After the whole altercation, I was called by my father to the room where he was gathered with all his other relatives, I was too scared of what was going to happen to me, but I didn't want to show any fear.

My father slapped me in front of everyone, I did not lower my head, I did not regret what I had done.

- You want me to take you to your grandparents, you know they will treat you worse than shit! -

He shouted at me and gave me another blow.

- You think you're evil, I'll show you what it's like to be evil! -

Dad grabbed me by the hair and took me to the kitchen, he made me open my hand on the counter.

- Are you going to apologize? -

He asked me, I shook my head, I was going to take the consequences gladly.

- Don't move your hand, if you do I'll cut it off and make you watch the dogs eat it," I held my breath.

I held my breath, father plunged a knife into my hand, I held back a groan of pain, I looked sideways at him and he smiled at me.

- You have balls children -

He pulled the knife out of the flesh in my hand and held it in the air.

- I want you to hold the knife -

I was going to take it with the other hand, but he refused.

- The other... -

I raised my injured hand and he put the knife in my palm.

- You're lucky he didn't cut off all your fingers - I looked him straight in the eyes.

I looked him straight in the eyes, my father was smiling.

- Go tend to the wound, I don't want it to get infected.

I tightened my grip on the knife and left the kitchen.

Everyone gathered there looked at me, I smiled at them and left with my head held high.


Today it was pouring rain, and just today they had not let me go to school with Mariano in the car, I was very cold and the way things were I was going to be late.

I started to run to get there faster, but I ended up in a puddle.

- Fuck! -

I shouted frustrated. A kitten came out of nowhere, it was crying, maybe it was cold like me, I carried it and looked at it, it was in the bones.

- Do you want to come home with me? -

I asked him and the little cat started meowing, I put him inside my backpack and went back home.

I hid the cat in my room, I had named him onyx, as he was very black.

- I'm going to school, don't make any noise! -

I put him in a box and hid him in the closet.

I left the room, I had to hurry or they wouldn't let me into the school.


When I came back from school I went to my room immediately, onix sure was hungry.

I opened the closet, but the box was gone, I went downstairs and met my father, who was holding Onix in his hands.

- Were you looking for this? -

I nodded and he smiled at me.

- Do you know what happens when you get emotionally attached to something? -

I nodded my head.

- It hurts when it goes away -

I replied.

- That's right. And tell me, do you love him? -

I swallowed dryly and shook my head, father grabbed the cat by the neck and began to squeeze, onyx began to cry and try to escape.

- That's enough! -

I shouted and he stopped.

- Does it hurt? -

He asked me and I nodded.

- Either you kill it or I kill it in front of you -.

I quickly grabbed the cat and broke his neck, I know he didn't suffer and that comforts me.

- Don't let it happen again, understood? -

I nodded and went to the garden with the little cat in my hands, I sat down and put it aside, I started digging a hole and then I buried it there.

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