Rebel Seavey

Rebel Seavey

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My name is Fallen Seavey. Yes my brother is Daniel Seavey. He left me four years ago. I totally changed from the sweet girl to the rebel. Will Fallen forgive Daniel or ignore him, within this book there’s going to be love, a baby breakups make an amends and finding true love. Bad ass girl, who falls in love with a music star, who is a band mate of her brothers, called why don’t we. Now does Daniel and fallen forgive each other or not, does fallen find her first true love and have a baby with him or Does fallen life fall apart…. Read to finding out

  • Beauty
  • Superstar
  • Badgirl
  • Weak to Strong
  • Reunion
  • Pregnancy
  • Sweet Love
  • Musical
  • First Love
  • Healing
  • Twisted
  • Overcoming
  • Romance
Chapter 1

Hi my name is Fallen Seavey. I am 16 years old and four years ago my brother Daniel Seavey left me and I change from sweet to rebel. He left on my birthday which I turn 12 and from that day on I been getting in trouble with the school and police. I guess he is coming home today and I just text BFF

I am going out mom

No you are staying right here for when you brother comes home

Um..No thank you bye

I get to Walmart and go behind the building do a couple of spray paint here's one of my art

Oh crap cops sirens I have to run. Ugh I got caught by the cops.

Put your hands up

Hey Toby

What is now fallen

Brother is coming home today

Oh okay lets go

I get home and the one person I did not want to see is.......

In my mind (no, no, no why is he here, he can’t be here, I don’t want him here. He needs to go back on tour with his friend, ugh) Ew he looks so different and ugly at the same time. I am just going to ignore him.

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