Beautiful Mystery

Beautiful Mystery

  • Ukinebo Glory

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πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana ) By: Ukinebo Glory✍️ Synopsis Have you ever felt do drawn to a person.... You feel like you've know them when you've only just seen them once ; that's exactly what Noah felt when he saw her Who? Oceana...the most beautiful girl he has ever seen He could have sworn shee was the most beautiful girl on earth; but that's not the thing - she's a complete weirdo - strange...and unique Millions of people on earth; countless countries; diverse universe; Her name still lingers on. She's beautiful; not only beautiful but strange She lives with her stepmom and stepsis, who have had her locked up all her life - because of some supernatural powers shee possessed - they plan to use it to their favour Noah after setting eye's on her for the first time wouldn't stop thinking about her There's something about her; that he's sure of - but,...he couldn't just figure out what it was How did she get her powers? Why has shee been locked up all her life by her step family? Why's she weird and strange? * * Read on... Written by Ukinebo Glory 😍😍

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Chapter 1

πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful
Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’—

( Oceana )

By: Ukinebo Glory

Episode 1

Chelsea peeped into the room. It was dim as usual, but still; she was able to catch a glimpse of Ana who was sitting on the chair facing the window, and then at the untouched plate of food close to her

Chelsea sighed and closed the door gently before heading back to the sitting room, where she met her mom

" Mom!" she yelled

Her mom's eyes went to hers immediately and she could see the anger in them

" What's it dear?" she asked tenderly

" Is it not Oceana or whatever she's called. She's refused to eat the food I kept there since morning" Chelsea said angrily. her chest beating hard as she spoke, as her arms were folded across her chest

her mom smiled and dropped the shirt she was knitting

" come sit dear" she said rapping the space besides her

Chelsea snared and walked to sit close to her mom - the anger and resentment still on her face

Mrs Welch - Chelsea's mom smiled and took her daughters palm in hers

" but you know we have to be patient with her. she'll come around sooner or later" Mrs Welch said letting out a smile

Chelsea sighed and looked at her mom

" it was because of her we had to relocate in the first place and now she's still acting up. until when are we gonna do this? are we ever going to get what we want from her?" Chelsea asked brudgingly

" don't you worry about that now. for now, you should he more focused on your new environment and new school" Mrs Welch said

Chelsea shrugged

" speaking of school - I don't think I'm gonna fit in that well" Chelsea said and folded her arms again

" why dear?" Mrs Welch said using her index finger to lift up her daughters jaw

" dunno mom. just a thought"

" then you shouldn't be thinking like that - it's very wrong" Mrs Welch chided

" yeah. whatever" Chelsea muttered

" hope you're prepared for school on Monday?" Mrs Welch asked flashing her daughter a stunning smile

Chelsea rolled her eyes

" don't even start mom" Chelsea grumbled

" very well then. I have to go check up on Oceana" Mrs Welch said and stood up from the couch

" there any need for that? I'm just returning from there and I've told you the situation of things" Chelsea blurted

" I know dear, and that's why I wanna go have a look myself" Mrs Welch insisted. she touched her face and walked out


Mr Bryson walked up the stairs heading to his son's room

he was enraged and full of anger

he barged into o the room without knocking to find his son on the bed; his both ears blocked by earbuds

his eyes were closed and for a moment - Mr Bryson stopped to stare at him, his anger slowly melting

staring at him only made him remember his mom. he got his good looks from her and the more he sees his son on a a daily the more he can't help but think of his ex wife - Roselle; Roselle Donalds

his once fisted plan slowly spread out as an unexplainable smile broke across his lips

he took gentle strides to his bed and sat close to home staring deep down at his face

Noah was fast asleep as his long eyelashes were tightly closed. he sensed some movements on his wife and flickered his eyes open

he was staring straight at the ceiling

" hey son" Mr Bryson said

Noah's Pov;

I opened his eyes after sensing some movements on the bed; to hearing my dad's voice

oh! he was back. I had sure slept for a long time

I figured. without wasting time I snapped up from the bed, removing the ear buds from my ears.

the music had stopped playing and that was why I was able to hear him

" dad!" I shrieked

he let out a smile

" why are you back so early?" I asked him and the smile vanished immediately - like I had reminded him of something

his face turned into a frown as he got up from the bed as well

" w...why weren't you in" he asked, trying to be as calm as he can be

I took few steps backwards and gulped down - really hard

" did you..."

" you're to answer the damn question and not return it by asking yours" he growled

I knew at that moment that he was mad...very mad, at me

" I didn't feel like going" I said fraily making me scoffed

he touched his forehead with his palm and was gonna say something, but the words seem to have struck in his throat

he took in deep breaths and walked to the door

I shifted quickly, paving way for him to pass

" make sure to be down for dinner on time" he sais and finally walked out

I breathed out a sigh of relief as soon as he was gone

who knows what they stupid principal have reported to him this time around?

thank goodness dad didn't react badly and vent out his anger on me



I wore my favorite hoodie and glanced once more at my reflection in the mirror

I smiled and picked up my bag before walking out

I climbed down the stairs heading to the dinning

I got there to see dad. I was taken aback and stunned

he hardly have time for me, and was hardly more - so you now know why I was shocked

I walked to the dinning and took a seat after greeting him

we were half way into the meal when his phone beeped. he took it immediately and stared into it, then dropped the slice of bread with him

" I have to go now Noah" he said and picked up his briefcase hasteningly

I only nodded before he started walking to the door

" be a good boy at school and take care of yourself" he said while at the door and walked out

he should by now that I wasn't used to taking care of myself - and I suck at it

well...let's say that's the only thing I suck at

let's see how it goes
To be continued...

Love 😍😍

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