The Alpha and The goddess's daughter

The Alpha and The goddess's daughter

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After the murder of his parents by the goddess witch, Dave's Anger heightened at her once against her and he wages a full war on her. The war got worse and hell, he had to escape to a different place where he started life afresh. He fell in love with a young fiery and beautiful lady who also happened to be the daughter of the goddess witch. What is he to do? Choose love over revenge for the one who Killed his parents? Kill the goddess witch and wage a war on himself, thereby loosing his lover! Find out in this exciting book!

  • Alpha
  • Werewolf
  • Witch
  • Revenge
  • From Enemies to Lovers
  • Pack
  • Fated Love
  • BxG
  • Dark
  • Romance
Chapter 1

Chapter one*

"How dare you oppose my authority?" The goddess witch yelled in a loud, formidable voice that sent shivers down the spine of those who heard it.
The night was dark and void of moon and stars which was the heartbeat of the night.
The screeching sounds of birds and bats could be heard from a distance as they flapped their feathers around the Amazon forest where the shrine of the goddess Witch was located.
Skulls of all shapes and sizes could be seen in a circle around the throne of the goddess.
"I'm sorry your majesty but I wouldn't be able to do your bidding this time around!" He said with a note of finality, looking deep into her eyes with all boldness he could summon.
Never in his life had he imagined that he would be able to speak the goddess Witch in the manner which he did.
"You must be mad for uttering that word. Even your father and grandfather and great-grandfather wouldn't have dared to say that to me!" She yelled with all her might as she stood to her feet.
Her nerves stood taut as she shot him a demeaning look.
That young man who was brave enough to speak up against her tyranny was Dave.
Dave was the son of Mr And Mrs. Sylvester, a very respectable and revered family in the werewolf communities. He was also the alpha of the ariaon pack where there were no less than three hundred Wolves. They were one of the strongest and most populated packs in the entire country.
"I am not mad your majesty! You must be!" He shot back at her with all his might, taking her by surprise. He had had enough of her arrogance and selfish interest.
"Damn you!" She roared, shooting some fireballs at him. He wasn't in the least prepared for it and immediately fell to the ground, clutching his arm where the fireballs landed on. He yelped as he tried to stand to his feet but to no avail. The balls had made him so weak.
She neared him, uttering some incoherent words as she moved.
David knew that if he doesn't do something fast, he would become prey in her hand using him as a sacrifice.
"I have told you times over number to learn to stick in your place!" She said with a sarcastic laugh, stretching her hand at the forest floor. From the floor sprouted a long wand. As long as a sword. It was the aged segz wand that was as sharp as a sword or even sharper. Thousands who rebelled against her authority had died by that sword.
With every step she took, Dave's heart raced against his chest as he tried to stand to his feet.
"Maybe when you get to the world beyond, you'd learn to stick to traditions and customs way older than any of your ancestors!"
Dave's eyes moved from her to the segz and he knew he had to do something fast and fast meant fast.
He gathered all the strength he could and immediately rose to his feet. He stretched his hands forward after chanting some words, pushing her far away from him...
He had used the air element against her and she couldn't help but commend how he had improved over time.
"Wow! That was fast and good! But when you decide to go against me, you should be ready for my full wrath!" Her voice echoed through the forest, sending all animals in the vicinity off, in search of shelter, a shelter that was unavailable that night as werewolves and Witches were not left out.
When they heard the yell, they knew that someone must have angered the goddess Witch and she was at that moment showing whoever it is her wrath.
They trembled on their beds, waiting patiently for morning when they would find out who it was that was being punished.
"You can do anything for all I care but I promise you that you'd be receiving no sacrifice from me. You should learn to be contented with the animals offered to you!" Dave responded with the same energy and spirit displayed by the goddess. He wasn't in the least ready for what she did next.
She raised her hands in the air and immediately, it began to rain in a heavy downpour. The rain dropped like pellets on his head and without mercy. As if that wasn't enough, she let out a shrill cry, and immediately, brimstones began to fall in all their might.
Dave knew at that moment that he was in for it and had to do something immediately. He was lucky that he had learned the act of magically disappearing From his maternal grandmother but he hadn't gotten the chance to put it to use. That seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.
He twisted his hand into a maze and before you could say Jack Robinson he had disappeared off. The goddess whose real name was Ganga was filled with wrath for him. She couldn't understand how he was able to harness so much power and authority when he was barely three decades old...

Dave heaved a sigh of relief when he finally got to his parent's house. He panted with a heavy breath as he sneakily found his way to his room.
He had barely found his way to the sitting room when the lights came on, revealing him in his entirety.
He sighed in resignation as his parents stood in front of him with hands Akimbo. He knew he was in for a series of questioning and that was the last thing he wanted after that confrontation with the goddess witch.
"And where are you coming from Dave?" His mother was the first to speak with her eyes glinting with fear and annoyance.
"Ehmm... I was at Sam's place!" He lied, scratching his head vehemently like it was infested with lice.
"We called Sam already and he said you weren't at his place!" His mother countered him immediately leaving him with nothing to say.
"You were in the forest again, right?" His father asked.
"Fine, I was in the forest. Is anything the problem with me being in the forest?" He asked with a shrug of the shoulder.
"Absolutely nothing but you were expected to return home as soon as it became dark or were you to have a pack meeting today?" His mother asked.
"No Mom, we had that yesterday!" He said, taking a deep breath. He was thinking if he should tell his parents about his confrontation with his parents. His spirit kicked against it immediately after considering the emotional stress they'd put him through. They'd begin to lecture him on how foolish he was to do what it is and how he can't wake up on a day and try to change what has been in existence for centuries.
"Why are you mute! Or you wanna claim like you didn't hear me speak?" His mother asked, getting a little pissed with him.
"I didn't feel there was any reason to return home and at that time. I'm so mum and dad!" He apologized with pouted lips as he didn't want the conversation to get prolonged.
"Get to your room this instance!" His father commanded, Making it feel like he was still some sixteen years old who knows not their left From their right. He was twenty-seven years old for crying out loud but he couldn't complain ad his parents didn't believe in those modern ways of training children.

It was a Monday morning and Mondays were known to be hectic, especially In a place like Washington DC, the capital. Making it worse was that the presidential candidate for the opposition party was to have his political campaign that same day...
The going and coming were at their peak and thousand could be seen as they trudged to work. They all had different facial expressions on them. Some looked Happy, probably they've received their big fat paycheck while some others look like they've Been Carrying the problems of the entire nation on their head.
The witches and werewolves in the city fell in the latter. They moved on with heavy hearts, not knowing what would be their fate by evening. By evening, the sacrifice of the goddess Witch would hold and no less than a hundred persons would die.
Each pack and coven had to sacrifice at least a member to the goddess Witch depending on how populated they were.
A pack with less than a hundred members would offer one soul, a pack with hundred members would offer two souls and the chain continues.
Now, no one had any idea who the leader of their pack and Coven would choose to be sacrificed. That was why they were afraid. Not even the rich and mighty of society were left out of the emotional breakdown. It's only midnight that would tell who would still be alive and who would be dead, though a few alpha's and leaders were against this barbaric act but none was brave enough to speak up, well except for Dave.
He had watched over the years how people close to him had died just to Satisfy the greed of an old toothless witch when they could easily gang up and get her assassinated.
He knew his confrontation with her that previous night wasn't going to end there as far as he doesn't offer anyone in his pack to her. But he doesn't give a damn, he would have to save the life of those who were under his authority and planned on doing that through any available means.

It was night and the tiny crescent could be seen trying to pave ways for itself In the sky but to no avail. The more it strived, the more it got overshadowed.
Their w absolutely nothing it could do to it. The night of the great ritual was always dark and gloomy for over a century and one crescent with little or no experience of life couldn't wake up one day and want to change that, it just wasn't possible.
There was one event that left people baffled. It happened over four decades ago but it was still fresh in their memories.
It was the season of the full moon and the night before the night of the ritual, the moon shone so brightly across the earth but on the day of the ritual, it vanished without a trace, Making the people come to a thought that the goddess Witch, Ganga was prohibiting the moon from shining forth so they Lords of the underworld wouldn't see how cruel she was. That was it and that was the Believe that had been in the mind of the people for the last two scores.
It was almost 9 pm and people could be seen making preparations for the ritual which was to start by ten pm at the ariona pack. Each pack and coven were saddled with the responsibility of hosting the ritual every year and after going round the over two hundred covens in existence, it got to the turn of Dave's pack.
He had made all arrangements except two things- the blood required to wash the feet of the goddess witch when the event commences and then the five-person to be sacrificed to the goddess.
Those two were the highlight of the event and they are the ones he refused to carry out. He knew the goddess witch, Ganga would be so upset and try to fight them, and he on his part had ordered all members of his pack to prepare themselves for the battle which was surely going to take place that night.

It was ten pm and the huge space in the Amazon forest belonging to the ariaon pack was filled to the brim. There could have been no less than twenty thousand persons seated there.
The dancing team was ready to welcome the goddess with their euphoric dance.
Not long after, a strong wind blew over the place, almost uprooting people From where they stood. The goddess was around already. That wind accompanied her in all ritual services ever held.
She got to the place a few seconds later and the dancing began in earnest. The dancers could be seen dancing vigorously to the beat of the drum and the people, those who weren't so affected could be seen shaking their bodies to the beat.
It was a few minutes later, and the dance had ended. Three Young men stepped out of the rank with a small Calabash and placed it by her feet. It was the feet Cleansing ritual...
They bent low beside her, about to dip her feet into the pot when she raised her left hand in the air.
"Stop right there!" She said with disdain. She was still pissed at Dave for his actions the previous night.
"This isn't human blood! Yes or no?" She asked with bloodshot eyes as her attendants stood by her with their claws stretched forward.
Dave was speechless and continued to stare like a moron. Not that he was scared or something. The goddess witch could do and undo.

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