Alpha Jacob's Feisty Mate

Alpha Jacob's Feisty Mate


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Maya grew up to be an outcast. Despite being one, she didn't care at all. She got beaten most of the time whether it was in the pack or at school. They've seen her as weak and wolfless. She was to be 18 and none of them had seen her shift. But Maya has already shifted at the age of 3 years old, and constantly shifts whenever she has an opportunity. She was being rejected by the future alpha of her pack Jacob is a fierce and most powerful alpha wolf, who doesn't believe in mates. He doesn't want one because he thinks it will only make him weak. His father is weakened and has been defeated by his own mother that betrayed them. What will happen when both face each other and find themselves mated to each other?

  • Contemporary
  • Fast Paced
  • Sweet
  • Powerful Couple
  • Revenge
  • Immortal
  • Pack
  • Bondage
  • Superpowers
  • Werewolf
  • Alpha
  • Luna
  • Fantasy
Chapter 1

Maya's POV

Maya is my name. Red Moon Pack territory is where I dwell. I grew up as an orphan. My mother died shortly after I was born. In human territory, I was left in the custody of my father. I also don't recall anything about him. My aunt informed me that he was abusing me, so she removed me from his presence. My aunt is really fond of me.

Through her, I sense the affection of a mother. Because she cared and loved me, I assumed everything would go easily. Until that fateful day in the wild. We were being pursued by two rogues. That's what I told her, but it was too late. Yes, she did not make it through. Everyone assumed it was me who killed her because I was left unscratched.

"You jinx, what are you zoning out about?" Dory, an omega and maid, head, asked me angrily. I was really controlling myself not to separate her head from his shoulder. She thinks highly of herself just because she was the head among us maids. I closed my eyes and breathed so I could harness my calm, and when I did, I looked at her and said, "nothing. I was just thinking whether you would be needing my help later." I know that your hands are full with the up-coming event in the packing house." Dory looked at me with her arched eyebrows.

"There's nothing that you can help me with." Stop zoning out and get all the laundry done quickly. "

She didn't notice. "As you said," I said and left her in the kitchen with a smirk on my lips.

I went to the 4th floor to collect the future alpha's laundry when I felt a sting in my heart and upper stomach. It was a feeling I started to get used to.

It all started two years ago, when that b*****d, future alpha, turned 18. I know he knew already that I was his mate, but he still banged another shewolf. Yes, I knew he was my mate when I was three years old.

They thought I was not a wolf, but I had already shifted when I was three years old. That's how I knew his was mine. My wolf, Fae, told me so. She was jumping for joy when we found out. When we saw him in the pack garden, I did not tell him because I am smart enough to know he wouldn't believe me, so I kept it to myself.

My aunt made sure not to expose it. She thinks that I am special because no werewolf shifted at such a young age. Werewolves normally shift at 16 years old. The earliest ever heard of was the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, shifted at the age of 13.

Back to the b*****d. At first it was unbearable. I was in my room and was about to sleep when I felt that feeling. It was as if someone had pierced a sharp spear in my heart. I was writhing in pain and I wanted to take out my heart so I would not be able to feel it anymore. I keep the hurt and those feelings to myself. I don't want them to find out what's going on with me.

I was close to his room as the pain disappeared, and just a few minutes later, his door opened and a bunch of clothes were thrown at me.

"Don't you dare come near here, jinx. "Pick everything up and leave." "The b*****d," future Alpha Nick said, and the she-wolf who was looking at me was glaring at me, though maybe she thought I had disturbed their w*****g around.

As he said, I just took his clothes and left. If he thinks I will linger here longer, then he's wrong. I would never ever want him to be near him.

I remember my aunt was the deceased Luna Arwen's best friend. Luna was kind to me and treated me like her own. Despite the fact that Alpha Roden doesn't want me in his pack, she insists on taking me in. Alpha Roden, as well as pack members, does not accept a member who doesn't have a wolf. Because they thought that my aunt was a witch, that made my mom one too. As for me, having a witch mother and a human father is not welcome in his pack. Other than Alpha Roden no one can touch me. Not until Luna died.

They blamed that incident on me as well. We were under attack at that time. Alpha Roden told me to leave and be with Luna Arwen and go into the bunker. I knew I could help them because I had awakened my sensory ability, but the Alpha only wanted to keep Luna and Arwen safe, so I followed him. We were about to go to the bunker when a rogue suddenly appeared. He was snarling at Luna Arwen, and I had this feeling that Luna was in danger, so I ran the other way and called for help and found the Gamma. We rushed into the bunker. Just as we saw Luna Arwen being pinned to the wall and the rogue had his sharp claws in her heart,

"Lunaaaa..." I screamed and cried hard. She was looking at me while the Gamma was holding on to me. I was about to throw him over when I heard a loud and sad howl. It was sorrowful, then it hit me: Luna Arwen was gone.

After that, Alpha Roden lost his mind and has become my living nightmare. After the rogue killed Luna Arwen, he ran off and was never seen again. Until now, none of us knew why they attacked us.

Now I'm going to be 18 in 2 days. I couldn't wait for my birthday to come. My aunt told me that I was going to become stronger if I turned 18. So I promised myself I would stay there until then. I despise this pack, especially the future alpha.

One of my abilities was to heal faster than any other werewolf or alpha. I can heal myself at any time I want. Yes, I can delay my healing, but I feel nothing at all. I connected it to the fact that I shifted early, so it may be one of its perks.


This is the day that I have been waiting for. I woke up earlier than usual. I want to prepare everything for my escape. Yes, I am going to escape from this pack. I am sure that Alpha Roden would give me a hard time if I were going to ask his permission. I was feeling different today. I was hearing something, and I didn't know where it came from.

I ignored it and continued my preparation. The money I saved from my hard work in the pack is not enough, but because I am smart and strong, no one knew that I constantly went to neutral territory and fought against rogues and other werewolves. I have been the undefeated champion for 5 consecutive years. I defeated everyone without shifting. They usually underestimated me because I didn't have a scent, and that was their biggest mistake.

When it was time for my work to start, I hurried to the kitchen and prepared everyone's breakfast. As they gradually come into the dining hall, I move faster to serve them. Just as I was about to go back to the kitchen to get another set of pancakes, Aurora, the Beta's daughter, got in.

"Jinx, where are you going?" she asked me with her hand gripping mine. Everyone was sneering at me and giving me a "time for a show" face.

‘this jinx will get beat again. ’

‘it is show time’

‘ When can I try to beat this b***h of a jinx to a pulp?’

I heard those voices again. I looked around and saw that everyone was looking and smiling wickedly. Then it hit me: I could hear their thoughts. Just as a smile was about to come into my face, I held it in and said casually, "I will just get another batch of pancakes for you and the others who will be eating." even though I was already imagining her head hanging by her shoulder before it totally went off.

I saw her hand go up and I heard her thoughts saying,

‘ You are Nick’s mate, huh?" I will not go easy on you, b***h. You are trying to get Nick from me. '

So she knew it too. Maybe the b*****d told her that. I predicted that she was going to slap me, but I still stood my ground. I don't want her to get any idea about what's inside me. I prepared for it and took the slap and the beatings that came next. She stopped when she thought I could no longer move. I stood there on the floor as the other members walked out.

"You know, you can get up now; they are gone." I heard someone say, so I opened my eyes and looked up, and there he was, the Gamma.

"Come on." As I heard that, I stood slowly, acting helpless and in fear, and asked him, "How did you know?"

"Heal yourself already."

"No, I can't."

"You can't or you won't?"

"What are you trying to say?"

"You know very well what I'm trying to say."

I told him, "I don't know what you are talking about," and planned to leave him there. As I turned away, he told me,

"If that is what you want, so be it. We are not close enough for you to feel at ease with me, but know that I am always watching over you. " and I hear his thoughts.

‘ This girl doesn't want anything to do with me." Maybe she thinks that I am one of the other pack members who blamed her for everything. '

Before he could say anything in his mind, "I don't want to be here. I am leaving."

"If that is your decision, it is fine by me. "See to it that you are going to take care of yourself and none of this will happen to you ever again."

‘I want to add, come to me if you need anything.’ I heard him clearly.

"Why are you like that to me?" I asked him and he looked at me.

"I believe in you. Especially in Luna Arwen's case. You came to me that day, and we were too late. It was my fault too for not coming with you as fast as I could. Another thing, I felt you that day. If not for Alpha Roden's howl, you might have. "When we saw Luna Arwen pinned on that wall, you were about to throw me out to get out of my grip.

"Why didn't you say anything?"

‘I wanted to, but the situation did not allow me. I knew right there and then that everything would turn out to be this way. I am not saying anything. I am only helping you at any time you need it, "says his thoughts."

"They won't believe it," he just said. I looked at him and turned around, saying, "Be at ease, I am fine and won't be needing your help for the time being and I hope in the future." After that, I went up to get the laundry but still heard what was on his mind.

‘I know you are different. I can see it in your eyes. You can take care of yourself just fine. If we are going to meet again, I hope you can treat me as your father, because for me, you are a daughter I never had. ’

I make sure to remember those thoughts and continue walking.

Here I am again, in front of future alpha Nick's room. I didn't feel anything, though I could smell them and what they were doing inside. I knocked and opened the door, and I literally stood by the door. There he was, the future Alpha Nick bangs a she wolf. He was looking at me with shock on his face, his c**k inside his w***e for the day's p***y.

"What the h**l are you doing here?" Didn't I tell you that I didn't want you near my room? " He asked, taking out his c**k from the w***e's p***y and approaching me.

Without even dressing up first, he said the words. "I, Nick Smith, future alpha of the Red Moon Pack, reject you, Maya Jones, as my mate and future luna." The woman's face looked shocked, but she got over it instantly as soon as it registered in her mind what had just happened. I had no time for them, so I accepted his rejection right away.

"I, Maya Jones, daughter of the Moon Goddess, accept your rejection, Nick Smith, future alpha of the Red Moon Pack." After I said the words, Nick held his heart and cried hard. He was hurting, I'm sure. He was howling like crazy, which made Alpha Roden, Aurora, and other pack members run into his room.

"What's going on here?" Alpha Roden asked. I faced him and saw the Gamma behind him looking at me worriedly.

"I accepted his rejection," I answered blatantly. Alpha Roden looked at me and at Nick. Shock was all over his face.

"What did you do to my son?" I don't believe what you say. "If he had rejected you, you should be the one writhing in pain right now and not him," he said in denial.

"If you don't believe me, fine. I did not know that the future alpha was this weak, or that even the acceptance of his rejection was unbearable for him. You can ask the b***h over there. " I said, mockingly.

"You lying b***h, what did you do to him?" he asked once again and was about to lashed out at me when Beta Edward interfered.

"Let us bring Nick first to the infirmary," and he carried the naked Nick to the infirmary while Aurora covered him up with a quilt. All the other pack members were accusingly staring at me. Alpha Roden was staring at me angrily and said,

"We are not done yet. You will be staying in the dungeon."

"Who said that?" I asked.

"You are not to disobey your alpha." "Alpha Roden said, leaking out his aura. Everyone around me was in fear and bared their necks for submission, but I did not. I was looking into his eyes and Alpha Roden was full of shock and furiousness, at the same time wondering why I was not cowering with fear.

"Isn't it interesting, Roden?" I asked and looked him in the eye. The Gamma, Aurora, and others were looking at me, wondering.

‘how did she do that?’

‘why is she not affected by the Alpha’s aura?

‘why is she not submitting to Alpha Roden?"

‘Did she just call Alpha Roden by his name?

All those questions are on everyone's mind right now. I took advantage of their shocked situation and I said, "I, Maya Jones, daughter of the Moon Goddess, denounce you Alpha Roden Smith of the Red Moon Pack as my alpha." From here onwards, you will not have any right or anything to do with me. "

I felt the bond breaking and, just like Nick, they started writhing in pain. I saw how hard it was for the Gamma, so I went to him and talked to him in his mind.

'what is your name Gamma?' He looked at me a little confused, so I talked to him again.

‘ You can tell me your name through your thoughts. I would be able to hear it. Come on, tell me. ’

Still shaking, he nodded his head and told me, ‘Andrew, Andrew Davies.’ I smiled and put my hand on his heart to heal him.

‘stay acting like you are in pain so they won’t notice. I don't want you to be in a hard situation because of me. ' I said and left.

‘thank you, Maya Jones," were the last words I heard from him as I ran away from the pack.

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