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This story is about a girl called Linah. Her mother gets married to a man who has all the riches they have ever dreamt of. At first, they leave a happy life full of cosy items but later on,Linah realizes that her step father has started falling I love with her and uses every chance to abuse her. Whenever Linah tries to tell her mom about the situation, Her step father beats up her mom. Later on Linah kills the man out of frustration then realizes that the man had a son who wants and has come back for revenge. Let's see what happens?

  • Billionaire
  • Beauty
  • Possessive
  • Weak to Strong
  • Family
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Romance
Chapter 1

" Please don't touch me like that. I am your daughter" I shouted as I tried to run away from him.

" You are not my daughter. You are my mate and I can get intimate with you any time I want" he shouted at me as he carelessly grabbed me towards him and held me by my chin bringing his lips closer to mine as he kissed me passionately.

He therefore threw me on top of the bed as he removed the buttons of his shirt looking at me lustfully. My watery eyes could not stop getting wet yet he wasn't going to back out on what he wanted to do.

He was attractive, good looking man, had a tattoo on the center of his chest but everything did not seem right as I saw him climb on the bed and laying himself on top of me. His soft finger made it's way to my chest as he tore my shirt and started admiring my chest. This made me to yell a bit even though I knew that no one would listen to me.

He therefore unzipped my skirt and threw it on the floor making me naked infront of him which I knew was unlawful. I closed my eyes as tears welled down my eyes whereas he now began to make his way into my body making me move up and down in the same motion till he felt that he was satisfied.

After doing all this to me forcefully, he pointed at my mother's picture and threatened to beat her up to death till she died.

" Kill her then" I shouted as I stood from the bed and put on my skirt which he had thrown on the floor.

" And why the change of mind?" he asked me filled with lots of curiosity.

" I am no longer afraid of you Mr. Mike. It's either you kill her or I kill you. I am really tired of this same parroted song. You talk too much" I shouted at him as I went to the shower room where I had hidden a knife which I had taken from the kitchen two days ago inorder to protect myself from Mike.

" Linah! Linah! Are you even in a position to send conditions for me?" Mike shouted at me filled with lots of anger.

" I didn't use to be in that position but today I am going to be. I hate you! I hate you Mike! I hate you with every breathe I take! Thank goodness you don't have any child who comes from your smelly , useless sperms. I am glad that my mother has not birthed any child for you" I shouted as I smiled looking at myself at the mirror in my shower room.

I could really see my killer face and my innocent hands which had an urge to kill. Yet with the same urge to kill, I got put of my shower room and stood miles a bit away from him. My heart was beating faster like an asthmatic patient but the anger in my heart could not hold any longer what I wanted to do.

I therefore raised my knife and pointed at him right on his chest as I came closer to him.

" Do you even have the guts to kill me? A girl who cannot even spell her name? I have taken you to school. I married your mother and I have made her one of the most respected women in this community. Without me, you and your mother are nothing. You are like those poor people who eat the leftovers of the dogs" he shouted at me as he tried to want to hold my knife when I got more closer and aimed the knife at his chest. This made his hand to start bleeding yet he couldn't let go.

" We'd rather eat the dogs left over rather than get sexually assaulted by a man like you yet I can't speak out because I fear you and the world. I must kill you today Mike" I shouted as I began struggling with the knife which was still aiming at his chest till he accidentally got stabbed on the left side of his chest and fell on my feet.

I widened my eyes in disbelief as I looked at his helpless body not knowing what to do.

This was not the first time he had tried doing this to me. He had grown fond of seducing me into his weird ways and at times ended up trying to make love to me. This was not the first time he had tried doing this to me. He had grown fond of seducing me into his weird ways and at times ended up trying to make love to me.

It all started three weeks ago after 'my father' got married to my mother. We were all happy as a lark for the marriage since it was what my mother had we had always wanted. I was made to live like a princess and even taken to one of the most prestigious schools since the man who married my mother was a billionaire. He owned half of the businesses in our community which made him to be respected above every men.

Therefore, he earned my respect and this respect brought me closer to him. I wasn't afraid when he entered my room while I was dressed in a towel and was ready to go to the shower. I wasn't afraid when he came to my room accompanied by mother and pecked me goodnight. I wasn't afraid when he brought me gifts claiming that I was his only child and it was his right to make me happy. I wasn't afraid if telling him the secrets of my life yet he had just gotten married to my mother but everything changed two days later.

My step father came to my room and as usual I wasn't scared because I was dressed in a towel ready to go the shower.

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