A Floating Flower

A Floating Flower

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There in the deep dark parts of the forest hid the brightest parts of the world. This shrub of a little girl, beatened and battered from her past, strides to become the better version of herself with not knowing much at all. She can’t remember much from her past but some flashes of blurriness. Her name is June. She has no one and hasn’t had anyone since she was 8. June never knew her parents or any part of her family. The flashes show people burning in the night of a full blood moon. There was shimmer coating everything inside the flames. Before she can remember anymore, her head starts pounding so hard to put her to sleep. From the day she found this part of the woods she has continued to grow her own world of gardens and houses by herself. She stays well away from any city noises or human tracks for twelve years now.

  • Alpha
  • Luna
  • Werewolf
  • Weak to Strong
  • Betrayal
  • Survival
  • Non-human
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Overcoming
  • Fantasy
Chapter 1

There was a beautiful brightest part of the world tucked down deep in the darkest part of the world. everything tropical can grow there even if there was snow on the ground. When the sun set, you could see double suns and the moon was a velvet red every night. This was home for eleven and half years.

The young woman he resided in this area was named June. She was beatened and battered from years of being alone. Her past is foggy and she can’t remember much. When June tries to remember, he head starts pounding against her skull at a fast pace, she faints for a few hours to catch back up on energy.

The past she does remember is in flames from one end to the other. Her people are all running and crying. Each and every one of them trying to collect loved ones and belongings. Through out the flames there is irridecent shimmer flung everywhere. Then everything blacks out to a haze.

To the present day, June just turned 20 and is still on the hunt to find her people. She avoids any city or unnatural noises. So the dark shades of the forest is her cover during the days of searching. Different path each day. June uses a map to keep track of each direction she went.

One of the few left paths untraveled on, she set out on like any other ordinary day. The temp of the average day was around seventy five degrees. Everything was covered in different shades of green. Birds were singing. Multiple colors and types of flowers were spread out everywhere. The trees stood tall beyond the eye could see and twisted like vines.

As June was walking through, she was mentally making a list of everything she notices differently or new things. She’s been walking for over five hours, like any other day but is getting close to weird noises. Because they didn’t sound unnatural, she kept walking straight.

June started to get into her head so she gotten distracted from what she thinks is her normal. Flowers we falling everywhere. She came up to a clearing right next to the hugest lake that she has found yet. Around the rim of the entire lake is nothing but floating flowers. She was stunned by it to the point she was completely mezmerized.

All of a sudden she heard tree branches snap right behind her. June was stuck down by the largest tree.

But wait “trees dont just hit people” june said in her head.

She opened her eyes with blurred vision and there was a person standing hovering over her but smelt aweful covered in brown mud.

June kept fading in and out while air flew through her hair and something strong wrapped her wrists and ribs.

(June’s POV)

All I remember is being lost in the lake colors weaving in and out with every wind that blows. The colors of the flowers reflected off the surface of the water. It was the biggest lake I’ve ever seen. Everything just was peaceful and welcoming.

I was hit from behind by my neck and shoulder to black out but I didn’t hit the ground somehow. I dazzed in and out of what was going on. I felt no pressure on my feet so I know i wasnt dragged or walked. The only pressure I felt was on my wrists and rib cage.

Next thing I know I wake up fully to a cotton stuffed bed with elephant leaves covering them. I was sleeping in a dome created by trees. I walked out of the vined curtain door and get blinded by the bright suns. I was no where I knew but I was surrounded by people that looked like me.

“she’s awake” someone yelled

”call our Alfa” another said

I couldn’t bare to listen to the yelling and watching people run, I sat down against the dome I slept in, waited. I heard someone come up from behind me but I was too weak to run or react so I stayed where I was. Out pops up a tall man with light brown hair

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