Billionaire's Virgin Secretary

Billionaire's Virgin Secretary

  • May Luna

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Jane Cullen eventually quit her job after making up her mind. She wouldn't work with her casanova boss who did nothing but turned her around the way he wanted. It wouldn't be bad as she was paid well but she was in love with this man and seeing him take up different women messed up her mind. But, Jane got the biggest shock of her life when her boss offered to be his boyfriend, after telling him about her decision to quit her work. She knew that he only made that offer in order to keep her Hagar Industries. She was also aware that he could find a more hardworking employee than her, instead of making such an offer. Her boss doesn't like her and never acted nice to her. So, why did he offer to be her boyfriend? Apart from his obsession in bossing her around, could it be that he was secretly obsessed with having her around him all the time?

  • Billionaire
  • Boss / CEO
  • Dominant
  • Forced Proximity / Stuck Together
  • You’ve Changed
  • Poor & Rich
  • Family
  • Office
  • Workplace romance
  • Fast Paced
  • Contemporary
  • Suspense
  • Romance
Chapter 1


I hear a soft sound of laughter, followed by soft moans coming from the CEO's office. I feel a pang of jealousy as my hands squeeze into tight fists.
I shouldn't be jealous, after all I'm so used to it. But, I just can't help it.

I shouldn't be thinking about whether I should be jealous right now or not. I should know how to deal with the current issue. By the way, this will be the last time I am going to deal with hearing soft moans coming from his office.

It is today or never.
I will submit my resignation letter today. At least, I will have the peace of mind I desired.
I won't be able to serve him and his numerous girlfriends anymore. I won't cry behind closed doors anymore, just because he fails to treat me well. I won't cry because he doesn't show affection to me, like he used to do with his girlfriends.

Anyway, I think I will have to interrupt his sex or make out with his model girlfriend. I'm not sure if he will be upset if I do that. I know that having sex is important to him. I always wonder if he is a sex addict. How could someone have five girlfriends? And, he has no feelings for them. He only dates them just to satisfy his sexual urges. But, his business is definitely more important to him.
For the part five years that I've been working with him, I know that he takes his work seriously.

I swallow a gulp down my throat and push the door open. I heave a sigh of relief when I see that they aren't having sex. Perhaps, it is just an intense make out. Diana, his model girlfriend is half naked though. She only has her bra and pants on.
I can't help but think how the sex will seem like, if just a make out could make Diana moan passionately.
Definitely, Christian Tate is a sex god.

"What do you want, Jane?"His deep voice jerks me out of my thoughts.

"I am sorry, sir. I have to talk to you on an important issue."I say, avoiding his intense eye contact.

I can't afford to look into his eyes. Not that he is naked. He is not naked, but he is shirtless. I just don't want to look into his eyes. He has a way to intimidate me with his gaze.

He gives a half shrug."I'm sure you're not too dumb to see that I'm busy right now, Jane." His calm yet deadly voice dominates the office but I try my best not to flinch.

Diana let out a loud hiss."Baby, you know I told you that you have to sack this lady. You need to replace her as soon as possible. At least, she ought to knock the door or even not interrupt us at all. Why is your secretary so clueless?" She asks angrily.

"You don't have the impetus to tell me what to do, Diana. So, keep quiet."Mr Tate snaps at her.

I bite my bottom lips, controlling myself from laughing. I really like the way he cautioned her. This is one of the things I love about Christian Tate. He doesn't tolerate shit from anyone, no matter who the person was.

I look up this time around, just because I want to check Diana's facial expressions. God! I really wanna laugh right now. But, I'm going to land myself in trouble if I burst into laughter.
Her eyes look like they're going to drop on the ground, with her mouth wide open.

Diana's brows snap together."But babe - "

I watch as Mr Tate moves away from her and picks up his shirt lying on the couch next to them.

Mr Tate turns to Diana."Leave Diana. We will meet next Wednesday. And, don't worry, I will send the money to your account before the end of today." He tells her.

Diana's fake eyelashes sweep up."You promised to make me cum, Christian. You promised to lick me till I'm wet. You promised - "

Mr Tate interrupts her, giving her a deadly glare."Respect yourself and leave, Diana. Always obey simple instructions. Don't make me call my bodyguards. You're one of my girlfriends, I don't wanna humiliate you." He snaps at her.

"Okay."Diana mutters gently.

I giggle to myself. That serves her right. But amidst Diana's calm voice, her eyes hold fire. She quickly wears her short gown and walks majestically out of the office after which she shoots me a dagger stare , but I do well to roll my eyeball at her. I mean it's not my fault she gets kicked out.

I am used to Christian's girlfriends accusing me, after he has done something to them. But, Diana deserves what just happened. She just said something stupid about me and in my presence.
All this shits is going to end today though. I am quitting my job.

"Will you keep standing there, Jane?"Mr Tate's voice snaps me out of my train of thoughts.

"Well, I want to tell you something about Kelly Preston."I say, looking at him this time around.
He is not shirtless anymore, but his buttons are undone. I can catch a glimpse of his toned chest.

His ocean-like eyes bore into mine, a smirk on his face."Come over here. Help me button up my shirt."

I nod my head."Okay."

I quickly drag my feet to where he is standing.
My fingers tremble as I help him with his shirt. I try so hard to focus on just his shirt and not admire his abs.
I can feel his gaze on me, of course. I wonder why he is staring at me.

All of a sudden, his strong arm grabbed my waist pulling me closer to his body.
I look up, meeting his warm eyes."W..What?"I stutter.

"What is wrong with you? I have a feeling that you have something really terrible to tell me." He asks.

"Y...Yes. I have something important to tell you. I'm done with your shirt. Can we sit down, please?"I request.

My palms have turned sweaty already. What if someone walks in?
This is not the first time he will grab me in this manner. But anytime he does that, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if someone sees us.
The news is going to travel around this company. It is going to be the talk of the town for weeks. His girlfriends and female fans will feel like killing me.

Thank God, that will never happen. Today is my last time here.

His hands around my waist tighten more."Don't you like this position?"He whispers softly into my ears.

"Yes,"I say.

It takes all I can to say that one sentence. Deep down in my mind, I like this position. It is what I have been longing for. I like the way he grabbed my waist, it screams "possessiveness". I also like the way my body fits closely to his body, like we are made for each other.

"God! Jane, quit being a female simp. Enough of this. He doesn't even have a damn respect for you anymore."My subconscious mind shouts at me.

I quickly caution myself. I need to quit being a female simp.
I'm glad that I said "yes" though. He doesn't have the right to touch me.

His hands slowly leave my waist, he pulls away from me. He walks to his chair and sits down.
"So, what do you want to talk about?"He questions me.

I straighten my skirt and also sit down in one of the chairs in front of him, without waiting for his permission. I hope he won't reprimand me because of that.

His brows furrow."I believe you weren't given the permission to sit down."

I said it. He will surely talk about it.
"I'm sorry."I apologize.

Mr Tate gives a lopsided grin."I'm gonna punish you, next time. Punish you in such an amazing manner," He vows.

I swallow hard."I'm sorry. Anyway, I just want to talk about Kelly Preston. He is currently planning to buy the microfinance bank. I hope you will take action soon before he buys the bank. You know, it's gonna affect the company if he achieves that," I explain.

He rubs his arm, looking into my eyes."I am going to ignore the part where you said "You would take action soon". Not only me Jane, both of us have to work on it. Do you understand?" He questions me.

I chew on my bottom lip, avoiding his eye contact and looking at the laptop on his desk."I'm afraid it would be only you, sir," I say boldly.

"Why?"His voice turns husky.

"I want to quit my work.” I drop the bombshell.

Silence assumes the air, as it feels like literally, everything stops working aside from the ticking of the wall clock.

"Is this a joke or what?" Mr Tate finally mutters something, after a long minute of silence and I gulp down nothing.

"No. I am not joking or pulling your legs. I want to quit my job. I will submit my resignation letter before the end of today's work." I answer him.

His eyes finally meet mine, piercing into them."Why, Jane Cullen?"

Why did he have to mention my surname? He is giving the creeps already.
You can do it, Jane. Just say whatever is on your mind. Get this done already.

"I just want to have my own life. I need to get a boyfriend and build my own life." I say.

He let out a small chuckle."So, you want to quit a nice job like this because of a mere boyfriend issue. Do you know how many people want to be in this position?" He asks arrogantly.

I shrug."Well, you can employ them. I am not interested in this job anymore."

Mr Tate hit his fist on the desk, glaring hard at me."But, I don't want anyone. I only want you. To be my secretary," He barks.

My heart skipped a beat when he said "I only want you" but I had to roll my eyes when he added "To be my secretary".
Selfish man! He wants me to serve him all my life. He wants me to watch him caring for his girlfriends, while I am burning with jealousy.

"You can't quit, Jane."He says with a voice filled with authority.

I frown."You can't change my decision, sir. I have made up my mind. I want to quit my work," I ramble.

"I can make you change your mind," He mutters under his breath.


"You want to quit your work because you need a boyfriend, right?" He questions me, with an arrogant smirk on his face.

"Well, that is not the main reason sir. I - "

He cut short my words."Let me be your boyfriend," He blurts out.

My jaw drops. What is wrong with this arrogant man?

"I am Christian Tate. I am rich, influential and handsome. What else do you need in a man? I can be your boyfriend and you will continue working here. Saying that you want to quit is damn scary, Jane."He babbles, like he was asked to say more about himself in an interview.

What the heck! Is this man drunk?
I lift my eyebrow."Mr Tate, I - "

He stands up from his seat, placing his palms on the table."Just be my girlfriend, Jane Cullen," He repeats himself.

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