• Boluwatife Ayanfejesu

  • 10 words
  • ongoing
  • 16+
  • Eye0
  • Star7.5

BLURB: Isn't this crazy, he walk into my room from nowhere that night drunked and kept calling me with a name I've never heard before. I wanted to push him away and scream but he looks broken as he hug more tight. "Veena don't leave me please"he cried and plead wetting my shoulder with his tears. I just let him do is thing until I suddenly felt his hand going under my crop top. "What are you doing" "Veena, I miss you"he kept saying. "I'm not Veena or whatever you call her"I responded but his hand kept traveling up and when he reach my br**ast he cup them into his hand and I moaned out of pleasure. The stranger has so much effect on me than I expected. Whosever Veena is, she must be a bitch for breaking a cool guy like him. I was wearing no underwear so he had access to my bare body. "What are you doing?"I stuttered but I was shuttl by his lips fitting perfectly with mine That was how Karla had a crazy night with a stranger who she didn't wake up to meet. After that day Karla forgot everything until he walk into their class the next morning as a new student but something is wrong somewhere he barely recognize her. Everyday in school they acted like stranger but every night he cry to her bed and eventually sleep with her but she never woke up to meet him. Is it normal? Her world turns apart when she started catching feelings for this guys who only noticed her in the night but careless about her during the day. What?! is that really possible!!! What is really going on?. Why would the strange guys never remember her during day?.

  • Suspense
  • Sweet
  • Dramatic
  • One Night Stand
  • Love Triangle
  • Unrequited Love
  • Campus
  • Teen
  • Family
  • Coolguy
  • Submissive
  • Playboy
  • YA/Teen
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