The Alpha King's Slavish Whore

The Alpha King's Slavish Whore

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Mature, violence, and Abuse!!! My eyes were fixed on the fragile body lying over my bed. Her eyes silently begged me not to look at her struggling state. Her emerald eyes turned teary as she was feeling this pain and urge from last night. I was confused about how a human being feels Heat. Her naked body struggling with the strong waves of heat hitting her every short duration was making her roll on the bed like a fish without water. Her small hands were touching herself to feel pleased and satisfied. She stretched her back as the fresh wave of heat hit her again in front of my eyes. Her slightly painful moans turned stronger and she tightened her thighs to stop her throbbing core. I walked closer a little. The scene before my eyes made me lose control. I was feeling hardened for my slave. "Please, don't come closer," She begged. "Ohh Myyyy Godddd," She screamed when the fresh wave of heat hit her again. I sat on my knees on the floor, closer to the edge of the bed. My hands unknowingly moved to touch her ankle. "Ahhhhh, Please don't touch me," She cried. I could see the hate in her eyes. My eyes slowly danced on her creamy, white skin. She turned weak in just one day. Looking at her state, my heart started racing not because I hadn't seen a naked girl before, but because she could become my worst nightmare. Sleeping with her could make me lose all my werewolf powers. But, her heat was turning painful now and I wasn't able to see it. So, I decided to do the next sin and bear the consequences. But, little did I was that the woman I had enslaved was a female dragon.

  • Werewolf
  • Alpha
  • Demon
  • Weak to Strong
  • Revenge
  • Powerful Couple
  • Pack
  • Shapeshifters
  • BDSM
  • Dark
  • Steamy
  • Erotic
  • Fantasy
Chapter 1

Cassandra POV

I was dragged to this place by my hair. It was the Slave house of the renowned Empire, The Castro Empire. My life was shattered into pieces in just two days. The great King of Castro Empire attacked us suddenly in the morning and we lost the battle in just a single day. We were unprepared for the attack. My only family, my brother was dead now. I saw his head ripped out of his body. The blood stains stuck to my clothes as he swung the sharp sword through his neck in front of my eyes.

I fell to my knees seeing the loss in front of my eyes. My tears felt less for the unbearable and immense pain I was feeling. Witnessing the sound of steel swords clashing with each other, the smell of blood in the air, the screams of ladies, children and soldiers, and the frightening bloodiest battle, broke me into pieces.

I had lost everything. My family, my empire, my people and now I was about to lose my Identity.

I was the princess of the Great Reges Empire, Cassandra Reges who was now standing in a queue, so that the stamp of slavery would be marked on my arm. Well, this was the perks of losing the battle. You would become a slave of the winning Empire and your life would change in just a moment. That's what happened to me.

I was possessed by the soldiers of the Castro Empire along with other ladies and children when our empire lost the battle against them. They dragged us brutally to their empire and now they would sell us to the highest bidder.

“You are the next,”

The lady in her fifties caught my attention and I looked at the door where I had to enter now.

I didn't know what would happen to me. I didn't know what was ahead for me. I didn't know anything. My eyes dried, running out of water, cheeks red and lips swollen with the amount of crying I did. I felt lifeless, broken and shattered now.

Suddenly, the door banged open and I was pushed inside with a group of ladies. My heart beat raced to see the scene before me.

It was like a bathing room and the girls were standing naked just wrapped in a small fabric, in a queue. Some were completely undressed and there were two ladies who were checking each woman one by one.

“Take off your clothes,”

The lady ordered me.

I was a little taken back with her words.


I questioned.

She didn't care to answer politely but yelled.

“I said, take off your clothes. We don't have whole day,”

I shivered a little and tried to fight back.

“I am a princess. You can’t do this to me, Please,”

The lady looked at me for a moment and came a little closer.

“Do you want us to call some soldiers and help you strip off,” Her voice sounded scary.

A fresh tear slipped my eyes and I almost begged.

“Why? I don't want to do it, you can't insult me like this,”

“All the slaves have to go through this process. We need to check your physique so that you will be allotted suitable work and boss,”

She informed and looked at the four soldiers standing outside the door. She signalled them to come and my heart beats raced.

“No, No, No, Please, I will d… I will do it,” I almost cried.

My shaking and trembling fingers reached to the hem of fabric over my shoulder and with a heavy heart slid it through my skin. The white gown fell to my feet revealing my body and I walked slowly to the corner of this bathing room.

I felt stark naked and my cheeks turned red out of shame. Even though there were only women, this was insulting as hell. I couldn't bear it.

"Come here," The lady in her forties called me.

I walked slowly to her, keeping my head low. One hand hiding my chest and the other hiding my core.

The woman touched my chin and angled my face right and then left to check something.

"Clean face," She muttered.

I looked at another lady who was noting it down on paper.

Then her hands raked to my chest. She moved my hand aside and touched my chest.

"Young and soft, with tight breast,"

Tears collected in my eyes feeling terrible right now.

Then her hands moved lower and removed my hand from the core. She forced me to sit on a bench. Spreading my legs she touched my sensitive area.

"She is a virgin," She informed me and the tears slipped through my eyes like a waterfall.

"You got a great figure, girl, especially your rosy lips," She commented and the other woman threw a cloth at me.

“Send her to Whore House. She can be a personal sex slave for King Ryan Castro,” The lady informed others. Their words were sounding like hammer on my head.

I quickly wrapped myself with the cloth and she ordered.

"Go, take the bath,"

My body had turned numb as I had never been treated like this before. I didn't know what they wanted to do to me. Their behavior seems worse than an enemy.

I walked slowly towards the pool. Stepping down the stairs I let my body feel the cold water. I washed the blood of my brother from my skin. His dead body was haunting my vision again and again. It felt like I was about to be insane.

"Set all the ladies in a queue, quick!"

I shivered suddenly as a male voice travelled in my ear.

The bathing room turned chaotic all of sudden and I couldn't understand anything. Snatching the fabric from the floor near to me, I covered my body as much as possible.

But, before I could come out of the pool. A tall man with broad shoulders and a deadly aura entered the area.

From the corner of the pool, I was looking at his dark eyes scanning the place. He had a strong physique and sharp looks. Anyone could tell that he was a dangerous man.

All the girls stood in a line wrapping the cloth on their body. Honestly, I was frightened as hell.

"This, this, that one and…"

He pointed at the few girls and then his sight landed on me.


His voice was dominant as he singalled me to come closer.

I felt goosebumps over my skin.

"I can't, I am not wearing anything,"

I was glad that I was inside the pool now.

He chuckled a little and a lady interrupted.

"Young lady, do as the master said," her eyes told me that I made a huge mistake by denying his order.

I lowered my gaze and took steps forward to him slowly. Climbing the stairs of the rocky pool, I came outside. The wet cloth stuck to my skin like the second skin. My hands covered my breast tightly as I walked to him.

He came closer and looked at me from head to toe.

"Dark red hair with the hints of black, blue eyes and pink lips. I am sure she would become the best Whore for someone," he said to the lady and they nodded.

"Yes master, we thought the same," the lady kept her head low.

"Show me your breast,"

My heart was pounding in my chest loudly. There were soldiers standing behind him and he was asking me to show my body.

I chose to stand stubborn not showing anything to him.

He came closer and ordered dangerously.

"I said, show me your breast,"

His gaze irritated me, boiled my anger to no limits. These people were sick. I was done. My hand swung in the air and landed right on his cheek with a loud slap sound.

But before I could come out of the moment his hand gripped my neck tightly and forced me against the wall.

His eyes were bleeding with anger as I looked into them struggling for my next breath. I shivered to the core as his eyes changed the color from light brown to darkest black. His face looked angry as hell and his grip on my neck made me feel numb.

And to race my already frightened heartbeats, he growled almost showing his sharp canines.

"Please...leav...leave me," I begged, tears falling from my eyes. I was scared as hell. How the hell did his eyes change colors? And those dangerous canines. I was sure he didn't have them before.

"Master, mercy," the other ladies begged.

He came closer threatening me even more. I was struggling under his tight hold.

"I will serve you to the King. He will teach you how to behave well in front of masters. I am sure he will make you a damn whore and then you can beg for mercy,"

He left my neck in a jerk and I coughed harder. Falling to my knees, I almost struggled for my next breath.

I cried out loud feeling the unbearable pain in my heart. The separation from my brother was killing me madly. And these people were insane. I didn't know what they wanted. What work did they want me to do? And most importantly what did the whore mean?

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