Sacred Talisman

Sacred Talisman

  • Kris Norris

  • 15K words
  • complete
  • 18+
  • Eye14135
  • Star7.48

After roaming the earth for five hundred years, Rafe's life is about to begin. Rafe isn't your ordinary vampire. He's an enforcer-a vampire created for the sole purpose of guarding a sacred talisman and preventing its power from being unleashed on the world. There's just one problem. He has absolutely no idea how to find it. The last thing Terryn expected was to have a handsome stranger come to her rescue when some creep drags her into an alley on Halloween. With blonde hair, blue eyes and a body rivalling every wet dream she's ever imagined, she can't help but wish her hero would keep her pinned to the wall. Too bad she doesn't do one-night stands. But when the guy claims her necklace is an ancient talisman, and it's his job to protect it, she's launched into a world of prophecies and vampires, and discovers sex with the undead is hotter than her wildest dreams. Now if they can only survive the night and prevent a hoard of rogue vampires from claiming the pendant's power, life-or even death-might just get interesting.

  • Vampire
  • Badboy
  • Immortal
  • Crush
  • Nonhuman
  • Sweet Love
  • Erotic
  • Mystery
  • Paranormal
Chapter 1

“Fuck. I hate Halloween.”

Rafe walked along the sidewalk, his collar turned against the late fall rain. He cursed the endless drone of humans parading down the street, dressed up as vampires and demons. The morons wouldn’t recognise a demon if the fucking thing bit them in the ass. And their take on vampires…hell if he bumped into one more cape wearing, cliché sprouting, Angel wanna-be, he’d forgo his usual animal fare and suck the asshole dry.

He huffed and turned down an alley, needing to distance himself. The constant cheer only emphasised his own inhumanity, and he didn’t need the reminder. The distant thrum of music vibrated through the air, as he stopped midway, shouldering up against the wall. He recognised the beat, familiar with the type of dancing that accompanied the song. Women, dressed in nothing more than bras and boy shorts, undulated across the dance floor, rubbing against any male body within reach. Then they’d follow their catch into the back rooms, fucking them against the wall or on any handy surface. The rooms were videotaped, but he doubted most of the lovers gave a damn.

A sharp clicking rang behind him, drawing his attention. He turned, pushing his back into the rough brick. A woman strutted along the pavement, dressed in what he guessed was a black cat costume, sporting a bustier with a lace garter and matching thong. Her fake velvet tailed swished across her calves, the soft sound echoed by the light patter of rain. She stopped several feet in front of him, casting a long, seductive gaze back across her shoulder. Her lips twitched into a smile as she rubbed her leather flogger across the sensual curve of her ass, slapping it against her pale flesh. She shrugged at his indifference and continued up the alley, no less confident she’d be able to sell her wares inside the bar.

Rafe growled, letting the rain cool his skin. How long had it been since he’d felt any form of desire heat his body? Since he’d revelled in the feel of a woman’s skin against his, her feminine scent surrounding him like a sensual fog? Breathed in the earthy sweet aroma of arousal until he could taste the flavour on his tongue? He loved eating a woman’s desire, the warm, wet juice filling his mouth until the succulent essence was all he knew. There was a time he would’ve been more than willing to take the woman up on her offer. To watch her body beneath his, her hands bound in silk ties, stretched out in front of her. He liked to bind both arms to the same post, accentuating the play of muscles across her back as she fought to free herself. Her skin looked pale, and he couldn’t help but wonder how dark the bands would contrast against her flesh, or how much it would flush as he brought her within reach of her climax.

Rafe cursed, slamming his fist against the wall. It’d been over a century since he’d indulged in pleasures of the flesh, his ability to couple fading along with his hope. He was a vampire, for fuck’s sake. Yet one cursed like few others—an Enforcer—destined to roam the earth searching for the sacred talisman he’d been created to protect.

“A vampire with a overactive conscience…who would have thought such a wretched creature existed.”

He turned towards the street when a faint whimper vibrated the air. He looked over his shoulder when it sounded again. “Damn it.” He glanced longingly at the street. He shouldn’t care, shouldn’t get involved. He was supposed to be a soulless, bloodsucking parasite…what the hell did he care if some woman was raped or killed? He’d saved his share of damsels in distress, and was just as likely to get a knee to the groin as a simple thank you.

“You fucking whore…that hurt!”

The words cut through Rafe like a knife. He shook his head, allowing his body to shift, giving the illusion he simply appeared at the end of the alley.

“You know. The more you fight, the more this will hurt.”

The creep chuckled, trying to rip the woman’s pants down. She countered his attempt, deftly connecting with the moron’s cock when he opened his legs to get a better vantage point. The guy doubled over, cupping his shaft in one hand as the other locked around her hair, pulling her face even with his.

“You’ll pay for that.”

He jerked her hair back, twisting the auburn mass around his fingers, just as Rafe grabbed the guy by the scruff of the neck, and slammed his head against the wall. The man’s hand fell to his side and his knees buckled. Rafe sighed and tossed the creep across the alley. The woman flinched as the body bounced off the far building and fell heavily to the ground. She looked up, her gaze skirting the length of the alley. Her eyes were rounded, glassy and the most brilliant green he’d ever seen. A rough smile touched the edges of his mouth as he nodded at her.

“You’re welcome.”

He turned to leave when her hand skimmed his forearm, so light he almost missed it. He looked down, not sure how such a delicate touch held him captive, when a flash of heat seared up his arm and across his chest, coming to rest in the sweet spot between his legs. He bit back a groan when his cock stirred and lengthened, as if trying to see whose touch had brought it back to life.

“Thank you.”

His head snapped up, his eyes drawn to hers. She stared at him, shifting on her feet, fear flickering in and out of her expression. She glanced up the alley.

“I’m alone,” he said, stepping closer. “And I doubt your friend is in any shape to bother you.”

“He’s not my friend,” she bit out, her soft voice trailing over his skin, stirring the fire growing inside him. “I’d merely stepped into the bar to get out of the rain when the bastard grabbed me and dragged me out the back door.” She snorted and rolled her eyes, crossing her arms on her chest. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’d already kicked him…twice.”

The smile that captured Rafe’s lips caught him by surprise. “So you did. Though it looked like he was still eager to…play.” He allowed his gaze to sweep the length of her body, pausing at her perky breasts and luscious hips. Damn if she didn’t have the kind of body he fantasised about. Not much upstairs, but her ass. Shit, it was a dream come true, with plenty of cushion to soften the impact when you fucked her hard from behind. He could only imagine what it’d be like to actually sample her ass. Had other men taken her like that, or would he be the first?

She cleared her throat, dragging his attention back to her face. “Then I guess I’m lucky you came along. Now if you’ll excuse me…” She shifted slightly, a faint glimmer on her neck reflecting the eerie light. Rafe moved with her, focused on the small pendant nestled against her throat. It looked like a tiny tear shaped vial, adorned with a silver lid carved into a series of leaves. The fluid inside the pendant shimmered in the dull light, casting rainbow coloured dots across her skin. She stopped when he barred her way with one massive arm.

“Where did you get that?’ he asked, nodding towards her neck.

The woman palmed her hips, glaring back at him. “What on earth are you talking about? Where did I get what?”

“The talisman around your neck.”

“Talisman?” She looked at him as if he’d spoken another language. She lifted her hand, fingering the pendant. “You mean my necklace?”

He nodded, unable to speak. The air seemed charged, prickling the hairs on the back of his neck. He watched as she caressed the smooth glass, running her fingers across the vial. The liquid inside glowed against her skin, fading from purple into black.

“It’s an heirloom.”

Her breath hitched as he reached up, tracing the suede cord with the tip of his finger. A spark erupted along his skin, tensing the muscles in his shoulders as he neared the small object. The light in the fluid increased, burning brighter. He stopped just shy of touching it, his gaze darting to hers. Her eyes had darkened, the green hidden by the black. She looked aroused and scared, and he wasn’t certain which outcome he hoped for. Her hand reached for his, grazing his skin as he touched the cool glass.

“Well I’ll be damned,” was all he said before a brilliant flash erupted from the pendant, knocking him back. A wave of energy flowed through him, rippling outwards like the wake of an earthquake. It prickled his skin, electrifying every nerve as it billowed out, filling the alley before finally dissipating.

Rafe staggered forward, bracing his weight against the building, trapping the woman between his arms. She mumbled something under her breath, splaying her hands across his chest. He forced himself to look up, cursing the decision the moment their eyes locked. It was her.

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