The Sexual Desires

The Sexual Desires

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WARNING 18+ THE SEXUAL DESIRES With her lips on mine , the kiss was slow at first , l wasn't that participating . Right having her all to myself was something l badly wanted but per now l wanted to see how far she could take it with me . Silently standing up , l felt her as she closed up the space and the more she pressed herself against me, was the more the kiss got deeper . She was kissing me wildly with all the lust that it escalated to a fiery kiss . " Oh ! darn it " , After some few minutes , l lastly pulled away while patting but without letting me , she crashed her lips again on mine . This time l felt myself officially going insane . Right l knew it that this was wrong , she was soon going to marry her fiance , the family members knew it too but now l was off and just like a starved man l responded and kissed her roughly . Without even denying it she also drowned in my kiss . This was undeniable that she slid her tongue into my mouth. Also with hunger for her , l responded in a kind with all the passion l was capable of and lost myself in the moment . As the kiss heated up l slid my hands around her waist and hurriedly pinned her on the wall . There was no breathing be

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Caught up cheating



" Huh ! Finally " , Already clad up in a laced short black dress with a slit up showing my right thigh , l heaved a sigh before l strutted out of the car then made my way to the cream painted apartment . Already knowing the owner of it , l didn't bother knocking on the door , l just pressed in the code and entered inside the house . With a plan in my head , after entering inside , l walked a bit slowly and carefully . However before I could walk any more further , l instantly stopped in mid motion when I heard different sounds coming from one of the rooms .

" Who the hell is he .... " , . I immediately trailed off in mid sentence when I walked a bit closer and for heaven's sake what I witnessed made my mouth to instantly fall open and my eyes to pop out of her eyes . It was unbelievable but there it was a pair of smooth tanned legs wrapped up around Lucas' pale naked butt .

" No ...... No ...... it can't be my Lucas " , startled l argued with my mind as l stared at the different types of clothes that were all scattered around on the floor . " Nooo ..... Am not going to believe it " , I shook my head in denial and letting my curiosity to take over , l moved a bit more closer and lastly my eyes fall on them . As unbelievable as it was , there he was my sweet boy friend Lucas standing up against the dining table while thrusting in to a woman beneath him .

" Ahh..... My goodness " , Just as l was still watching him , l felt all the blood abruptly drain from my face when l horror of horrors realized that the lady who was beneath him was no body but my best friend Lisa . Noticing her made me to freeze up in my short black dress and with my eyes the only body part functioning , l watched them as they fucked each other .

" Oh ! ...... Ahh ! ..... yes am gonna cum .....oh ! Gosh Lucas .....oh ! Oh , ! Yes ....... " , Lisa ' s screams sounded like a song in my ears . As much as my mind was telling me to go and show them that l was present , my legs couldn't move . l was so shocked that l froze up in one place .With this l watched as Lisa's legs tighten up around my boyfriend's naked butt as she sucked under him and Lucas groaned more loudly while pounding even harder in her p***y . " Oh ! Lisa you so hot ...... Yes Lisa l do like your p***y ..... Yes milk my fucking c**k " , Lucas also groaned out more loudly again , again and again with the sweat dripping from his hair and then fall on Lisa's heavy round breasts .

" What did l do to deserve this for heaven's sake ? " , Standing up like a statue , l.asked myself inwardly . They were seriously enjoying their moment and already froze up , l couldn't distract them . " Oh ! Lucas ...... give it to me hard ....... C*m in my p***y ..... I want you to empty your hot seeds in my p***y " , Thou l was froze up when l heard Lisa's words , my expression instantly changed on my face . " He is not even using a condom , he is pounding in to her raw hard " , At that l felt my eyes brim with tears . It was not that I was now jealousy but the condom thingy hit me so much to hell , he always used a condom while fucking me but then Lisa he didn't . " Was he afraid that l might be having STDs , but then l was not ..... " , Thoughts immediately began to flow in my head and rethinking about it all , l lastly shook my head in disbelief .

" L... Lucas " , No matter how hard l tried to control myself , l heard my broken voice come out of my trembling lips . This was honestly too much to bear . " Huh ! " , As soon as he heard my voice , his eyes instantly flashed open and then cursed before pushing my best friend aside . " Erinna .... Oh... Oh " , l thought you not going to come " , he shouted with his voice full of a mix of shock and awe . " Uhmmm " , I didn't want any tear of mine to fall down my cheeks but seeing Lisa my best friend hide in the chest of Lucas made them to stream down my face

With the tears burning down against my cheeks , when l saw Lucas quickly dress up , l turned and stared at the corner of the apartment . I no longer had any interest in him and didn't want to see even his cock . " Erinna ! Erinna " , the next thing I knew , Lucas was shaking me . " Remove your filthy hands from me , do you think you can explain this ? " , l hissed out then before l knew it my palm landed harshly on his cheek .

" What..t " , Shocked he walked a few steps back from me which made me grin . " Erinna let me explain to.... " , . " Thanks but don't " , When he began to murmur , l waved him off then turned and looked at my best friend Lisa . " Don't worry , you can go on with your romance , take him all " , When l saw her cover her breasts , l fake smiled at her and without throwing a glance at Lucas , l turned on my heels and walked out of the room , in a way that showed that l was not affected by them .

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