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Alphas Outcast

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BLURB Is it possible to fall in love with a person who isn't your mate? Imagine being not able to love the person who you are bounded with for the rest of your life and just being sexually attracted to them because of the bond. Malia Carlton, the Illegitimate daughter of the Alpha King of Ethiopia has always had a rough life due to being a weakling with no powers and no mother. Her only wish was to leave the palace and get freedom, to which she got a chance by going out on a mission to steal a golden artifact. Seems pretty easy, right? But no, the mission is not as easy as it looks because the artifact was housed in another Kingdom that had lived in recluse for a long time and was heavily guarded. There shouldn't be any chance of a single mistake otherwise her masked facade would be taken off. She tried her best to keep her disguise but a small mistake, which she wants to commit, can lead her life to hit the bottom rock and face all those suffering and pain again, only a mistake of loving the son of the king from whom she is supposed to steal the artifact. She couldn't afford to fall in love which would lead to danger. The danger of losing herself in love. She can't give in and let herself love him. She is supposed to complete her mission. But will she choose her duty or eventually give in and let herself love him back? And if she gives in, then what will happen if the man she loves finds out what she was originally there for? To know the answers of all these questions, hop in the book and follow Malia as she navigates the new feelings fate has thrown her way.

  • Confident
  • Hybrid
  • Prince
  • Rebirth
  • Immortal
  • Love at First Sight
  • Historical
  • Pack
  • Suspense
  • Healing
  • Twisted
  • Romance
Chapter 1

"Hateful bitch! Bastard pest! Die! Die!" A shrill voice cursed viciously.

Sounds of leather cutting through flesh followed .

In a cold and dark room, a woman lay butt naked on the floor in a very pathetic state. She was currently being flogged mercilessly with a whip by another woman.

The assailant had a malicious and hateful look on her face as she rained lashes upon lashes on the back and legs of the woman on the floor.

The woman on the floor kept groaning weakly as tears streamed down her face. Only when the assailant’s hand was feeling numb from overexerting did she stop.

She had no remorse or sympathy for the lady she had just whipped on her face. All that could be seen was just intense hate, crazed jealousy and disgust.

“You vixen! This will teach you to know your place and stay there. You are nobody so you better let that be ingrained in your pathetic mind. You are only worth the dirt beneath my shoe and nothing else. Don’t think that because you are being called princess by those commoners you are actually one! You are nothing but a pathetic bastard who has no powers nor worth! You are a vixen who only knows how you use her face to seduce men! A pathetic slut is the title you truly deserve!" The lady holding the whip spat out her voiced laced with pure hatred.

She raised her boot covered feet and pressed down on the woman's wounds harshly.

A hoarse scream echoed throughout the room as an immense pain enveloped the beaten woman.

The woman holding the whip smilled as she drank in the screams of pain coming from the other.

"This is your true place. Beneath the soles of my boots." She declared as she laughed maniacally.

When she had enough, she removed her foot and wiped it on the untouched parts of the woman's body with disgust.

She turned to leave but suddenly seemed to remember something so she stopped and turned back.

“Also, be aware that if a word of what happens today leaves this room, I will make you pay dearly. You are aware of what I can do so I need not elaborate further." She threatened viciously.

She waited for the tortured lady to voice out an affirmation in form of a weak grunt before she nodded in satisfaction and left.

If one looked at the whipped girl carefully, one would be able to realize that she was beaten in places where she could easily cover up with clothes.

Places like her face, hands and other obvious places had been purposely evaded.

The assailant obviously had years of practice to be able to know where to hit to avoids exposure.

Time passed and the lady remained lying on the floor with no signs of moving.

After about an hour of lying motionlessly on the ground, she finally had the strength to drag her battered body off the ground.

If not for the words of that woman earlier, one would not be able to realize at first glance that this lady was a princess.

A princess of a grand kingdom at that!

Their first thought would be that she was probably a servant girl of some sort that probably offended the lady of the house so she was punished.

After rest, she was finally able to push her body off the ground and stand on wobbly feet.

She hobbled to a corner of the room to pick up the dark cloak she had placed there earlier.

As she bent, some of her wounds that had began to slowly Healy ripped open again. This cause her to groan and grit her teeth.

After much effort, she successfully picked it up and donned it.

She hobbled towards the door, opened and looked out to see if there was any other person.

She was already well aware that there was no one in this side of the palace but out of habit, she still checked carefully.

She walked out slowly, shut the door and moved on to her room.

Thankfully her room was not far from this deserted area so she reached there within a short time.

When she was safely in her room with the door locked did she finally relax.

She walked towards her bed slowly and sat down carefully lest she aggravate her wounds further.

Once she was settled, the sad expression on her fave changed immediately.

She wiped the tears she had shed previously and donned an hateful look.


What a joke!

Her life was even worse than that of a pig at the royal stine so how could she accept this idiotic title.

It was just conferred to her so her father would seem like he was a good man and father who couldn't bear to abandon his child no matter the situation.

To her father and his family, she was nothing but a stain in their perfect lives.

According to the way she was often called by her family, she was a bastard.

An illegitimate child who sullied their reputation.

Her good father would have tossed her if it weren't for some laws that had been set in place by the founding fathers of the alliance.

The alliance was a pact that happened after the war fought between all supernaturals.

It was used to unify their interest so there wouldn't be chaos nor another war.

During the war, there were some people who had intimate affairs with other raves thereby breeding halflings. Some people were disgusted by the halflings so they tossed them to the streets and left them for dead. In order to promote the acceptance of these species in the name of alliance, a law was created.

The laws were a lot but one of them stated that one mustn't abandon his own offspring no matter their lineage not race.

So, here she was.

Maya Carlton.

Illegitimate princess of Ethiopia.

Favoured in the presence of outsiders but treated less than dirt behind closed doors.

Abused since childhood.

What a pathetic life she had in order to hold the title of princess.

The person who whipped her earlier was none other than her sister.

Stepsister to be more precise.

What a family she had!

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