My Roommate is a Cat

My Roommate is a Cat

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Starting from a love story of different world, then bringing Vin Greyrat to be the cause of misfortune that will befall his descendants. Initially, the young man named Vin and Arthur investigated the disappearance of their classmate. All the clues lead Vin to an ancient building. Apparently, the old building on the hill has a basement that holds many secrets. In fact, under the ground there is a mysterious temple. Vin is very curious and invites his friend to explore the whole place, which is in the basement. However, the temple is also what brought Vin to time travel, until Vin got to the Human-Animal World. 'I really crossed over the dimensions of space and time. But . . . when other people pass through dimensions with magic weapons or modern props, and I just fall down from the third floor of the ancient temple!' Vin thought, annoyed. [Triggers a series of tasks!] "What?!" shouted Vin. [The bullies will appear, please help the Princess to fight the bullies on your way! The Host must ensure the safety of the Princess until she reaches her destination! ] "Huh?! A new task popped into my head!" Vin muttered, still not used to the system sound coming from his head. Love blossomed there, but Vin had to return to the Human World. *** The demon cat sacrificed many things to come to the human world with the consequence that he would become a cat forever. The cat demon lives in Vin's house as a pet. Then, can this beautiful cat demon tell if she is Dea, the woman Vin loved before?

  • Possessive
  • Princess
  • Badboy
  • Rebirth
  • Crush
  • Getting Back Together
  • Teen
  • Family
  • Non-human
  • Mystery
  • Tragedy
  • Dramatic
  • Fantasy
Vin and His Bestfriend

Arthur still noticed the footprints left on the floor. It looks like the footprints of the crowd. They might find something odd here and stop to take a closer look.

But there's nothing around and it's empty. What did they see? There was no point in staying here unless they were met with an unexpected situation.

"Be careful, Vin! Keep watching your steps!" Arjuna saw the footprints on the floor and saw the situation after a few steps. "According to my previous experience, something will happen soon after this," he continued.

"Don't try to scare me, Arthur! We're already badly injured now, so can you stop making trouble by scaring me, huh?!"

"Early warning isn't always bad, Vin. We have to be prepared for all eventualities. Maybe more terrifying than the creature earlier. I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just trying to warn you, my friend!" said Arthur.

A moment later, suddenly Arthur and Vin heard a series of light footsteps in the empty hall.

Arthur and Vin exchanged glances and Arthur asked, "Is that the Nightray girl, Vin?"

Vin shook his head and pointed the torch around him, but he couldn't see anything.

"Listen carefully, Vin!" said his friend Vin.

Arthur and Vin fell silent and stood back to back as they looked around and tried to trace whose footsteps were heard earlier. They still prepare to attack if what they meet is a criminal. Although that's highly unlikely.

Arthur immediately knew why Vin shook his head after realizing the situation.

They came from the sky. When Vin pointed the torch up, they immediately discovered something strange about this floor.

The ceiling is very high, with many blocks that form a large chessboard-like structure above the heads of Arthur and Vin. They saw many things hanging under the columns, which were in the shadow of the beams.

"Extraordinary." Vin's eyes pointed straight up. There were hundreds of bells hanging in the shadows all over the ceiling.

Bells consist of various shapes, there are big and small. Each bell sounded a different sound. It was a very spectacular sight.

However, Arthur immediately flinched because he remembered something. It was absolutely impossible if there was wind in this room that could ring those bells. But, before Arthur could think further, Vin spoke first.

"This bell looks strange, Arthur," said Vin.

"You've heard of the hexagon bell, Vin?"

Vin shook his head and seemed no longer interested in all the bells. His eyes focused instead on one of the doors in the room. The door could not be opened, but above it were winds which could be used to see what was behind the door.

Regarding the sound of the footsteps earlier, it was no longer heard. And Arthur and Vin immediately got rid of their bad prejudice. They thought that they had just heard wrong.

Vin asked Arthur to help him up so he could reach the winds above the door, but Arthur shook his head and said, "No, Vin! I'm hurting. Do you have the heart to this badly injured man, huh? just below!"

Vin saw his friend's current condition and knew that Arthur's words were true. So Vin let Arthur step on his shoulder. Arthur craned his neck just enough to see through the gaps in the winds and shone his torch inside.

Arthur is of course very heavy for Vin. Moreover, Arthur's muscular body is now on the shoulders of Vin's frail body. So, when all the weight of Arthur's body pressed against Vin's shoulder, Vin felt as if all the air was going to come out of his stomach. Vin immediately tightened his muscles.

Vin couldn't see what Arthur was doing over the smell, but Vin heard Arthur scream, "Damn it!"

Vin clenched his teeth and asked what his friend saw.

"I found that Nightray girl, Vin!" said Arthur. "Allera and there were a few other people there, but ...."

"But what, Arthur? Don't make me curious!!"

Arthur immediately replied, "Don't look at it yet, Vin! You probably won't accept it. It doesn't look good, so I'll check it out first, okay?"

However, some time after. The two of them immediately heard a sound like wood breaking. As it turned out, the wooden floor they were currently on was rotten wood.

Unlike the previous floors, this third floor is made of wood.

Vin felt that the place where he was standing would shake a little and the next second the wooden floor could not support the weight of the two of them.


Vin slowly opened his eyes, the sight he caught was a room with minimal lighting. Like a cave, but very clean and sparkling. Vin held his head which was throbbing in pain, trying to remember what had happened earlier.

After a moment of silence, Vin finally remembered another misfortune that had happened to him before. Earlier when they were exploring the ancient temple building, Vin and Arthur reached the third floor where the floor was made of wood.

They both find a mysterious door that makes them intrigued to find out what is behind the door. The door can't be opened.

So, Arjuna took the initiative to see what was behind the door through the gap of the winds. Vin agreed and let Arthur climb onto his shoulder to reach the gap that was far above the door.

After that, Vin did not know why the floor suddenly made a loud sound and the wooden floor fell. Vin and Arthur automatically fell to the second floor. Then, Vin didn't remember anything after that.

Vin returned his gaze to all corners.

On the ceiling of the cave, Vin can also see layered rocks that point downward. Or Vin used to call it stalactive.

However, the stalactites here are very different from the ones Vin usually encounters in other caves. The stalactites here emit a reddish glow from within the sedimentary rock. Very beautiful.

"You! You're a mortal who always troubles our Goddess, right?" A voice was heard from the figure who was approaching towards Vin at this time.

Vin gasped. He was too lost in admiring the beauty of this place. "W-what do you mean, Uncle? Where is Arthur? Where am I now? This doesn't look like where I fell earlier. And who are you?" asked Vin a bunch of questions. He was still looking in all directions for the whereabouts of his comrade.

"Aren't you the human the Goddess chose to be her prince, um? Now you're in our land." The tall, sturdy man spoke.

Vin frowned, increasingly did not understand the man's words. Vin kept looking around to look for Arthur's whereabouts, but no one Vin knew was in the room.

To be continued ....

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