Tamed by the Alphas

Tamed by the Alphas

  • Jayce Carter

  • 84.6K words
  • complete
  • 18+
  • Eye19967
  • Star8.8

It takes three alphas to tame this wild omega. Left scarred and untrusting after an attack, Kara doesn’t let people close—it only leads to heartache. When a job goes wrong, she’s stuck working with the three uptight and disapproving alphas who hired her, in order to clear her name. She has no problem sleeping with them, but that’s as far as she can ever let it go. Cullen, Reese and Damon are used to dealing with criminals in their work as private investigators, but they’ve never met anyone like the wild omega, Kara. When working for them lands her in trouble, they have no choice but to finish their case with her. They’ve always wanted to settle down with a quiet, sweet omega who would listen and stay safe, and it’s obvious Kara isn’t any of those things. Each taste they have of her shows them how happy they could be…if only they could tame her. As Kara and the alphas delve deeper into the shadows to track a missing omega, the differences between them seem insurmountable. Even as danger surrounds them, Kara clings to her need for freedom, while the alphas believe changing her is the only way to keep her safe. If they can’t learn to trust one another in time, the secrets they chase will pull them all under.

  • Werewolf
  • Alpha
  • Omega
  • Multiple Partners
  • Superpowers
  • Reverse Harem
  • Shapeshifters
  • Mystery
  • Erotic
  • Paranormal
Chapter 1

I’m handcuffed, and I’m not even going to get an orgasm out of it.

Kara twisted her hands as she sat on the hard chair in the conference room she’d been stuck in since the night before. What she’d expected to be a quick in-and-out job had bitten her in the ass, as all quick jobs tended to do.

She brought her foot up, pulling the bobby pin from the cuff of her boot. A vibration of her watch let her know she’d gotten a text, and only one person would have sent it. Her ride, who no doubt had gotten an alert when a certain blue-haired omega had been arrested.

The pin let her pop the cuffs open, and she could have moaned as the metal dropped from her sore wrists.

‘Steal some files. It’s easy money!’ When would she learn that easy money was never easy? The moment she’d read a few of the files she’d been hired to steal, Kara had known she couldn’t turn them over to the asshole who had hired her. Most of it was so far above his paygrade it would be like handing space station schematics to an especially slow five-year-old, and honestly? She didn’t like him enough to give him anything useful.

She worked hard to not learn much about her clients, because when dealing with criminals, she’d rather not know. Money was money, and she did what she had to. She had no one else looking out for her.

The door to the room opened, and she turned to find a face she’d missed. Well, almost no one looking out for me.

Liam wore a suit so fancy he might almost pass for harmless. Almost. When he cracked a familiar smile, though, Kara saw him for who he’d always been to her. “How many times have I had to save you?”

Kara stood, dangling the cuffs on a single finger. “From a police station? Never.”

He chuckled, catching her chin between his fingers and lifting her face toward him. Anyone who saw it might think he was about to kiss her, but she knew better. That wasn’t them.

They’d had sex before, but it had never been serious to either of them. If anything, it had been a favor to her. So, she wasn’t shocked when he used the grip to twist her face and check for injuries.

“You sure? I recall having to help you out of handcuffs before.”

“Those were recreational handcuffs, thank you very much. I learned how to pick them after that.”

He released her chin, stepping backward once he’d satisfied himself that she wasn’t hurt. “You are impossible.” Liam removed something from inside his coat, shaking it out. “Lucky for you, I’m always prepared.”

Kara laughed as he pulled the item around her—a jacket. It was her size. Hey, I think it might actually be mine. A quick look in the mirror hanging on the back of the door showed the plan. Dressed in the fitted gray blazer, she looked like anyone else. A second item had her rolling her eyes, but Liam ignored any complaints as he brushed his fingers through her hair to push the bright blue strands back and hide them beneath the black wig.

“I hate this thing,” she groused.

“Well, I think the blue hair is a dead giveaway, kid, and this is all I have.”

“Why do you even have a woman’s wig? Are you and your twin into some weird roleplaying shit when you double-team girls?”

Liam yanked softly on the front of the wig to seat it at her hairline, hiding her trademark neon tresses. “Even if I was, we both know you’d out-kink me. Now, head up and use all those skills I taught you. The detective who brought you in here is up a floor, so we should be able to slip out, no problem.”

Kara tucked the cuffs into her blazer pocket, and when Liam lifted an eyebrow, she shrugged. Handcuffs were expensive. Waste not, want not, right?

He stepped out first, his attitude instantly transforming into that of a man who had shit to do and not nearly enough time in which to do it. Kara didn’t pull that off, and in women, it tended to make people pay attention. Instead, she grabbed a notepad and pen off a file cabinet just outside the room she’d been kept in, holding them and scribbling as she made a point of struggling to keep up with Liam. They made the perfect image of a high-powered lawyer and a secretary trying her best not to get yelled at.

It irked her to play the part but, fuck it, better than landing in jail. Not just being held in a conference room because men felt bad for omegas and assumed she’d been roped into her little indiscretion, but real-life metal bars. It was much harder to break out of jail.

Not that Liam, his twin and their cousin wouldn’t break her out of there, too. In fact, a part of her thought it sounded like a hell of a lot of fun. Plus, she could see the frown of Liam’s cousin when they managed the breakout, when he lectured her calmly on making better choices while knowing damned well she’d never do it.

No one gave them a second look as they walked through the police station. That was the benefit of being outed as an omega, she guessed. No one had expected much of her. It meant that instead of planting her ass in an interrogation room or a holding cell, they’d put her in a meeting room with nothing but a pair of cuffs on and no one watching her.

It’s almost insulting.

At least it made for an easy getaway.

The elevator doors closed, and Kara breathed in relief.

Liam hit the button for the third floor. “I trust you can manage to find your way out from here?” He flashed her a wide smile, one full of all the mischief they’d gotten into over the years. “As long as you don’t run into any good-looking alphas on the way, at least.”

Kara tugged at the wig, trying to ignore how it made her scalp itch. “Well, at least I won’t have to worry about that problem while you’re still around.”

Liam laughed as the doors opened. He left her, and that gained him extra points. Just one night of having people treat her like a useless, fragile omega had her grateful that Liam didn’t think twice about letting her get herself out the rest of the way.

The elevator closed again, leaving Kara on her own. The shiny doors let her catch a glimpse of herself in the ugly wig, which was too similar to her natural color for her liking.

It had been at least a year since Liam, his twin or his cousin had needed to step in and rescue her. Not that she ever asked. The eldest of them, Torrin, always kept tabs on her. It meant that as soon as she’d gotten herself arrested on this job gone south, she’d known someone would show up even without her asking.

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