My Bully; My Forgotten First Love

My Bully; My Forgotten First Love

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THIS BOOK CONTAINS A LOT OF SEXUAL CONTENT, ABUSE, DARK RELATIONSHIP/TOXIC RELATIONSHIP. IF YOU'RE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH IT PLEASE DON'T READ IT! "Did you think you could run away from me? is that it, Cat?" Ace asked, his hand tightening around her neck at every seconds. Catherine gasped her hand resting on Ace's as she fought to tear his hand off her. "I asked you a question, kitten. Did you think you could run away from me?" he questioned yet again, this time his voice was so gently that it sent shivers down her spine. Ace doesn't need to shout to show off his dominant bully side, he was like a predator, setting his trap quietly and killing cruelly. "I....I...I never tried to run, Ace. I won't try it ever." She gasped out, Ace smirked and brought her face closer to his. "That's right, Catherine. You are for me, mine to use however I please!" he said and slammed his lips on hers. *A dark highschool book, you're already warned* ****

  • Badboy
  • Possessive
  • Good Girl
  • Revenge
  • Getting Back Together
  • Love at First Sight
  • First Love
  • Teen
  • Campus
  • Dark
  • Overcoming
  • Twisted
  • YA/Teen
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

She fixed her shoe laces and grabbed her backpack from the bed then hurried towards the door. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Her Uncle was transferred to Manhattan few days ago from Houston and she was to start a new school at the prestigious Riverside highschool and she was nervous.

Who the fuck won't be nervous in such a situation?

She inhaled and exhaled harshly and nodded her head.

You can do this Cath, you can do it.

She opened her eyes and wrapped her hand around the door knob then pulled it open. She jumped back in fright when she saw Vivian, her uncle's wife standing in front of her door.

Vivian never like her and the same could be said about Catherine. Maybe at some point she truly did like Vivian but when she started getting to know her she couldn't help but get disgusted by the mere sight of her.

"What are you staring at? It is 8:10 a.m! Your first day in school and you're already late!" Vivian bellowed and swung her hands towards Catherine but she was quick to step back and dodged past her then ran downstairs.

"You better get back early and dye my hair or you're a dead meat." Vivian screamed after her and she rolled her eyes.

When she got to about ten blocks away from the house, she let out a sigh of relief.

What a terrible woman.
She walked towards the bus stop and waited for a bus to pass by.

Few minutes later she walked through the school gate, she was stunned at what she saw. She was short of words as her eyes took in the expensive cars packed at the school compound.

How could high schoolers afford such expensive whips? Ranging from Mercedes Benz to Lamborghinis. She was enamored.

She was still staring around her while making her way to the main building.
The school was nothing like her former school.
Riverside highschool looks like a stadium. It was so big and the compound was very large.

Why would her uncle Alex send her to such a school?
Something doesn't seem right.
He doesn't care about her. He sees her as a burden so why on Earth would he bother sending her to such an expensive school? She wasn't complaining. She was even thankful that he hasn't throw her out yet.

When she got to the main building she wasted some times searching for the principal's office and after a while she found it.

"Good morning, Sir." She greeted, the man looked up from his computer and nodded his head at her.

"A transferred student, Catherine Meyers." She introduced herself, the principal stood up from his chair and smiled widely at her.

"It's so nice to have you here with us, Miss Meyers."


She walked out of the principal's office and glanced down at her uniform, a short yoke skirt and a white shirt with a black red tie and a black jacket. She was also holding a bag containing a spare school uniform.

More beautiful than her previous school's uniform.

She glanced down at the map in her hand and started walking to the direction of her classroom.

She walked through the door and noticed the teacher's voice died down, raising her head up she could see the students watching her. She quickly looked down and fixed her eyes on the ground.

She was shy.

"Miss Meyers, please find a seat for yourself." The teacher said to her, she quickly nodded her head and glanced around the room, she saw a vacant seat and quietly sat down on it.

She unzipped her backpack and brought out a book and a pen then zipped it back and placed it at the back of her chair.

"Hi," a voice whispered to her, I glanced around and her eyes came in contact with that of a brunette. Pointed nose and a full pink lips.

She looked so beautiful.

"Hi," she responded.

"I am Talia, Talia Scott. What is your name?"

"Catherine Meyers,"

"Well Catherine, nice to meet you." She nodded her head and turned back to face the teacher whose eyes were fixed on her and Talia.

"Miss Meyers, I don't tolerate tardiness in my class." She reprimanded her, Catherine blushed and sneakily pushed a strand of her natural golden hair behind her ear.

First day in school and the teacher was already reprimanding her. This will be a whole lotta ride.

The door was pulled open as another person walked inside the class and she could hear the students gasped, she turned around to see what they saw and was starstruck.

Two teenage boys walked inside the class like they own the school, they were both...oh shit! Both dead handsome. She couldn't even look away from them, especially the first one, he had a rough look to himself, his hair was wild and he carried himself like a king.

When she was about to look away he raised his head up and his eyes met hers.
She gasped and her face heated up.

She ooked away and inwardly cursed herself.

He saw her staring at him, shit!

She slowly look back and their eyes met again, he was still watching her.

Oh God.

Talia pinched her thigh and she whipped her head around to face her.

"Don't." She whispered.


"Don't look at him, don't give yourself away."

"I don't understand what you are saying, don't look at who?" Catherine asked frustratedly.

"Don't look at Ace, you'll be sorry if you grab his attention." She whispered.


So his name is Ace.

"I wasn't looking," she lied, Talia shrugged casually and bite on her lips.

"They are of no good, Ace and Liam. Stay away from them."

English class ended and Talia grabbed her backpack.

"Which class do you have next?" She inquired.

"Chemistry practical,"

"The next one hour is ours, come let me show you around,"

Catherine grabbed her backpack and joined Talia and the other students walking out of the class.


"So this is the football field, Riverside high school is very good." Talia said as they walked past the football field, she had shown Catherine the basketball court, the swimming pool and the cafeteria.
The school was amazing, she has never seen anything like that before.

"I feel pressed, I need to pee."

"Oh shit! Quickly go to the restroom before anyone come there, it is the boys restroom." She said and nudged her ahead. Catherine practically raced to the bathroom and slammed the door shut, after easing herself a soft sigh left her lips.

She stood up from the toilet seat and walked towards the basin to wash her hands. After a while she walked out of the restroom and saw Ace standing in a corner, a few steps away from her.

Her heart started racing and her mind trying to process why he was there.

When he noticed her presence, he started walking towards her.
With some seconds he was already in front of her and grabbed her by her neck.

Catherine gasped and her eyes widened. She placed her hands on his, trying to pull them off but he didn't move. Tears clouded her eyes and she batted her eyes lashes.

"What..... What are you doing?" She coughed out.

"You are for me." He sneered.

For him?


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