The Four Legendary Alkaldrias

The Four Legendary Alkaldrias

  • Armoniel Melixar

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Humans use magic as tool, using it to do all they pleased in order to satisfy their endless selfless desires. The queen of the dark realm waged war against the humans and created monsters to torment the humans. The goddess of light, created Four Legendary Heroes by the name ‘The Four Legendary Alkaldrias.’ Centuries past and the heroes were reincarnated again, but one was nowhere to be found. “Where is he?” They asked, but no one could figure an answer for that question. Four months later he gains a sense of himself, but could it be too late for him to save the world? Could he have a way to surpass all the others heroes. Due to his late coming, he becomes hunted by many, he said “I have to find a way to survive, but how?” Each month a strong monster is sent to terrorize the humans and the more terror it spreads the greater chance she stands to break free. During this time nothing can grow to the next level till the monster is defeated and nothing will go back to normal till the monster is defeated and what if they fail to defeat a monster in any of the months? He becomes a laughing stock to many, “He can’t even defeat on mini boss,” they said, “How could he defeat the queen of the dark realm?” A hero is supposed to be reincarnated already wielding the weapon, but that was a different case for the shield hero. To make matters worse he doesn’t remember a single memory of his past life, nothing about himself other than he is in a fantasy world. “I have to find something that will make more powerful anything to make me level up and which will make me stronger than before,” he said. But what’s that, that will make him stronger? At long last …………… he found ………………… “FINALLY AM STRONG.”

  • Confident
  • Brave
  • Weak to Strong
  • Rebirth
  • Lost Memories
  • Superpowers
  • Dark
  • Action
  • Magic
  • Fantasy
Chapter One

“Humans, how am tired to watch them as they strive to satisfy their unfruitful desires. Going to war against each other in order to increase their boundaries and territories. One thing for sure, is that the more they acquire the more they need and the greedier they become, can’t they become satisfied with the little they have?”

“I hate everything about them, but there is one thing I love about them. One thing that no matter how many times I watch it and it repeats itself, I will always enjoy it. Seeing the humans dying in war as they fight for what they think it’s worth fighting for. They go to the battlefield to die and slay each other like hopeless flocks. The soldiers fight for their kingdoms in vain and bear everything on their shoulders as their families wait for them at home in vain. They are never treated with royalty whenever they head back victorious. Slaves to the king who treats them with cruelty. They are loyal to the kingdom ready to die for it, but, but whenever they fail to do as commanded, they are executed.”

“That’s why I shall bring pain to them, terror shall be their victim and pain shall be their companion. I shall raise monsters which shall bring all this to pass, terrorizing families from one home to another. They shall show no mercy to anyone even to the most righteous of all. Their choice will make all of them pay the consequences with none being shown mercy. How I wait to hear souls cry out in pain, in agony as they get torn in pieces.”

Malhdrean, queen of the dark realm summoned monsters to terrorize the humans and spread disaster. Using magic, the humans were able to hold them off, but each time the monsters spread disaster Malhdrean become stronger. Azeroth the goddess of light saw their cries of pain and decided to help the humans. She created four heroes by the name, ‘The Four Legendary Heroes.’ A mage, an assassin, a swordsman, and a shield hero. They joined forces with Azeroth, to stop the evil actions of Malhdrean and after years of deaths, they finally brought a stop to her actions.


Monsters were stomping on a large spherical rock, as dead bodies of fallen soldiers lay on the ground. The rock started cracking and Malhdrean said, “Yes, yesssss, my pets, break the seal, set me freeee.” Azerosth arrived and told her, “Stop it!” Coming nearer to her, “you can’t win this battle. You aren’t even completely recovered.”

Malhdrean said as she smiled, “Yes you may be correct, but, um yet to get stronger. It’s not as if you can out win me this time, since the Legendary Alkaldrias are yet to be reborn. Your puny army was just a snack to my pets,” looking down on the fallen soldiers “they are yet to have the actual meal. Don’t forget, never mistake a sleeping lion to be harmless or defenceless. It might be cute when it’s a sleep but the moment it awakens it become vicious and dangerous.”

Azerosth said while smashing the monsters to the ground and throwing them backwards while going towards her, “It’s over.” Malhdrean said, “I am just getting started,” moving backwards, “one thing you do forget is that I was once strong and I’ll finally be stronger than before.” Suddenly Azerosth was pierced on her back by one of the monsters and it penetrated to the front.

Azerosth started breathing heavily and she fell to the ground. Malhdrean started moving towards her and putting her foot on her head, “What did I tell you, I was just getting started.” The monsters stomped the seal one more time and it broke. The seal started emitting light, “Yes! Yes! Yes! I am starting to feel my powers coming back within.” She put her right hand into the light and it started turning black.

“I have to stop the mage from being reborn, he is my worst enemy,” creating a portal that was showing the figures of the four legendary heroes. Azerosth shot a beam of light at Malhdrean and a piece of Malhdrean fell into the portal and the portal disappeared. “No! What have you done,” the monsters pierced her again and brought her body nearer to Malhdrean, “You are going to pay for that.”

Azerosth said, “M-m-my jo…. job here I….. is done. It is up to the four legen…… Alkaldr………” She had all her powers come together in her left hand, forming a spherical ball, and throwing it into the dark light and part of the light began to have some light. Malhdrean said with anger, “DIE!” She created a large rock and smashed Azerosth’s chest and she died.

Malhdrean said, “This round, I’ll make sure I will be at the top and if any hero dies, there won’t be a reborn to replace the dead one.” Starting to laugh, “Last time I was only able to kill the shield Alkaldria, maybe this time I might have sympathy and kill him the last.”

An eighteen-year-old boy woke up in shock. His name was Zeomora. “Where am I?” Looking at his surroundings, but was not able to recall any of it. He was pierced softly by the end of a soldier’s spear, “Hey keep moving.” He asked, looking at the chains on his hands, “And why am I in chains?”

He fell to the ground in pain as he started seeing visions of an epic battle. “Fire!” shouted a soldier. They were attacking a person in green armour and who had a` shield, but his face was not clear. The person with a shield shouted, “I don’t want to,” creating an invisible force that pushed the helicopters behind, “hurt anybody!”

The tanks continued attacking him. He used his hand to create a shield. The jets fired missiles at him, but before they could hit him, he stopped them. A man asked, “What’s that thing?”

He created a circular shield which he put the missiles inside and forced them to explode. The military continued attacking him. He started floating in the air making the clouds to gather. His eyes became white and he stretched his hand and lightning came out from the clouds, striking the ground, making the ground crack, and making some buildings to collapse.

The soldiers tried to stand to their feet as they wondered what could defeat him. A building started collapsing, falling on the person with the shield and there was total silence. A soldier asked, spitting out blood, “I….is he d-d-de…. dead?” another said coughing, “Um not sure.” The ground started shaking and the rocks which had fallen on the person with the shield, started floating. He started floating again with his eyes glowing green, “I told youuuu, I don’t want to,” throwing the rocks at the soldiers, “FIGHT YOU!” And burying the soldiers with the rocks.

Zeomora opened his eyes, and his vision started becoming blur, “Get up!” Shouted a soldier, “I, I can’t, they feel so heavy,” “What do you mean?” Forcing him to his feet. Zeomora started taking heavy short steps as he breathed in and out deeply. He asked himself, ‘What really happened? And what am I doing here?’ Suddenly a monster that was large, hairy, and walked on four legs with large claws appeared from the dense forest.

The commander shouted, “ATTACK!” The soldiers started attacking the monster. It hit a soldier in a nearby tree with its paws, breaking his neck. They started throwing spears at it, it growled in pain, stood on its two hind legs, and stomped the soldiers with its other two legs.

Zeomora fell to the ground, he was motionless, caused by the shock of seeing a monster. The monster bit off a soldier’s head and started running towards the slaves and killing some of them. The commander shouted, “Protect the slaves,” they started tying the monster with ropes, but it kept resisting.

Zeomora asked himself as tears rolled down his chin, ‘What is happening?’ They tied it until it could no longer move. The commander climbed on top of it and said, “This is for my fallen soldiers,” he pierced its spine, killing it. They started unchaining the dead slaves and leaving their corpses behind. Zeomora couldn’t help himself but look at the dead bodies behind them.

“We have finally reached Hoardgha,” looking at Zeomora, “What will happen to us?” asked Zeomora. The soldier laughed and answered, “You’ll be sold at different prices and, by the looks of you, you look quite energetic and muscular.” Looking forward, “you might end up being sold for a high price.”

When they entered the city, their faces were covered with black clothes. Minutes later, the slaves were uncovered and they were forced to their knees. There were different wealthy men who were in front of them who started selecting the slaves whom they desired. One of them chose Zeomora and he looked in terror, not knowing what fate awaited him. When they had finished selecting their desired slaves, those who were selected were covered again with black cloth.

Zeomora asked them, “Where are you taking us?” “That’s not your concern, all you ought to know is that you have been sold and tomorrow you’ll have a new master.” That night Zeomora couldn’t sleep, he kept wondering what would become of him.

He was trying to sleep when he started having visions of a muscular man in battle. He woke up immediately and started examining his hands, ‘I have to escape tomorrow morning, I can’t allow myself to be sold,’ starting to do press ups, ‘I must prepare for tomorrow. I shall escape no matter what, even if it means to die in this place.’

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