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Zehyna Pérez

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About me

Pueden encontrar en mis redes sociales como: Instagram: Iamzehy. Página de Facebook: Iamzehy. Síganme para más contenido, respondo cualquier mensaje que quieran dejarme.


Un Matrimonio Por Contrato
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  • 7.5

Un hombre adinerado, dueño de varias empresas se ve envuelto en un disgusto con su pareja cuando ella decide abortar al hijo que tendrían juntos. Debido a eso su relación se quebranta y el decide marcharse a California. Melanie es una mujer que fue abandonada por su esposo cuando estaba a punto de parir a su hija. El camino del empresario y de ella se juntaran y tendrán que afrontar varios desafíos, entre ellos casarse por medio de un contrato y una multitud de gente queriendo hacerles daño. Puede que ella haya llegado para enseñarle que no todas las personas son malas o quizás solo sea su karma ¿Que ocurrirá con ambos? ¿Llegarán a algo o solo se hundiran en sus propios deseos egoístas?

A Family For The Ceo
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  • 6.3

A wealthy man, owner of several businesses, becomes embroiled in a dispute with his partner when she decides to have an abortion of the child they would have had together. Due to this, their relationship shatters, and he decides to move to California. Melanie is a woman who was abandoned by her husband when she was about to give birth to their daughter. The paths of the businessman and her will intersect, and they will have to face various challenges, including getting married through a contract and a multitude of people wanting to harm them. She may have come to teach him that not all people are bad, or perhaps it's just his karma. What will happen to both of them? Will they achieve something, or will they just sink into their own selfish desires?

My Millonaire Ceo.
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  • 3.0

Ginny Backer is a thirty-year-old woman with two children, Ederne a little girl and Asher the rebellious son who usually does what he wants. Aegan Lombardi is a businessman, he always wears black suits and his presence is imposing in every place he goes. With a millionaire CEO like him having a line of girls waiting for him, things get out of hand when he and his employee Ginny have sex after she helped him survive an accident. James Lombardi, is the father of Aegan, a man who hides many secrets from his son, including the fact that he is the boss of the Italian mafia.


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