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  • Author: Victory.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 124
  • 7.5

When Brandon Henderson, the CEO of Zenith Incorporated, discovers that he has fallen deeply in love with Emma, his best friend's teenage daughter, he distances himself from her and forbids her from coming near his estate. In an attempt to further scare Emma away, Brandon marries her sworn enemy. However, Emma manipulates her way into Brandon's estate and uncovers a plot by Brandon's wife to harm him on their wedding night. Emma manages to foil this plan, but in the process, she ends up having a passionate night with Brandon, who was drunk. Little did Emma know that seeing Brandon's nakedness would be the start of her nightmares. Unfortunately, Emma is imprisoned and tortured by Brandon's enemies. The day she would be killed and Brandon framed for her murder, Brandon discovers that the girl he slept with on his wedding night was none other than Emma, his best friend's teenage daughter – someone he had vowed never to touch. Would Brandon push Emma away or continue to secretly live with her? And how would he confess to his best friend, the person who saved his life, that he slept with his daughter and that she already has a child with him? In the midst of this conflict, Emma loses her memory and her family quickly arranges a marriage between her and Kaiden – a man she hates so much. It then becomes Brandon's turn to save her. But how will Brandon jog Emma's memory, stop the wedding, and bring her back into his arms?


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