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  • Author: SEB AVRIL
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10
  • 7.5

In the glittering world of Manhattan's elite, two souls are bound by an unholy pact - a marriage contract forged to save their respective family legacies. Kiara Davis, a beautiful but traumatized orphan, agrees to wed Mike Robinson, a ruthlessly ambitious billionaire with a soul as cold as the steel in his skyscrapers. "I don't love you," Mike snarls, his icy eyes raking over Kiara's delicate form. "This is just business." Yet amid the dizzying power plays and dizzying wealth, blazing desire ignites between them like a wildfire. Mike finds himself craving more from his beguiling new bride than just her virtue. And Kiara discovers there is fiery passion smoldering beneath Mike's unfeeling facade. But their white-hot consummation could unravel at any moment when dark secrets and sinister agendas are unleashed from the shadows. Mike's depraved father and twisted half-brother join forces to destroy everything he's built. "You were a fool to cross me, son," Robinson senior hisses menacingly. "I'll bury you just like I did your wh*r* of a mother." An undercover seductress from a rival company ensnares Mike in a dangerous erotic trap. And an old trauma surfaces from Kiara's past, threatening to splinter her fragile psyche once more when she whispers: "The girls...they hurt me again." In the ultimate power struggle between ruthless ambitions and pure desires, who will surrender first? Amidst the grandeur and cutthroat stakes of New York's billionaire playground, Mike and Kiara must choose - embrace their all-consuming love...or let it consume them both into sweet oblivion. Brace yourself for the sumptuous, high-stakes romance of the year in this tantalizing novel about passion, obsession, and letting yourself burn for love.


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