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Sasina Zariel Leir Rhaghdary

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About me

I seek to create stories of tales of romance, pleasure and mysteries, where there is the contagious energy of the mysteries of pleasures. I am in search of esotic history, where you seek to know what will happen next, come to a world of pleasures, mysteries and I will tell the story of a city full of pleasures and tales of lust.


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Embark on a world of conspiracy and anthologies of werewolf tales, between vampires and hybrids, as well as tales of wars, conflicts, love, seduction, the struggle of lust and s*x, between those most interested in maintaining power, involving conflicts and the strength of their bodies. The fights, the wars, the battles for power and control over their bodies, from their enemies to their loves and lovers, between the conspiracies between werewolves and vampires, tales of pleasure, s*x and seduction intrigues, a world of passion in which they revolve around a large clan, struggles of love, power, control and the strength of dragons, which show the wars and lives of lords of the main house. In which it shows the lives of each of the clans, their conspiracies, games of pleasure, power and seduction, stories of werewolves, vampires and disputes for control of the mafia and cities, where everything can attract power between those of supernatural beings between the vampires and the werewolves and their clans, involved in their conspiracies, the great group of Casa Nostra, a story of desires, yearnings and the secrets of the mob bosses of darkness, among the creatures of chaos and order. All involved between the conspiracies of businesspeople, crime lords, in which they live in the city of Italian origin, in addition to betrayals and conflicts between the inhabitants of the city and the world of Lovecraft County.

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An anthology of tales from the town of Lovecraft County, lives of pleasure, love, between arguments, conspiracies, relationships, existence, life and mind, tales of vampires, gods, their clans of werewolves, between the coven of witches, the lives of the supernatural beings. Always showing emotions, high society intrigues, power struggles between clans of the supernatural world, plots between relationships between these creatures, the countless lives of vampires, gods and werewolves, always showing several lives, relationships, in which it shows the influences of both the company Delphos, Tsuki among his various relationships, high society life, among various organizations, both his relationships with rich people, mafia lords who rule, various people who live in that city, in addition to the growing power of vampire and werewolf clans, among secret societies, in which various alliances, companies. Who lives in the middle of companies, businesses, parties and the city as far as the power of the supernatural growing in the town of Lovecraft County at that time, we have the wolf lords and the vampire lords of the time. All this takes place between mysteries, relationships, life stories and everyday life, between those who show their lives, their plots, between conspiracies, dreams and desires. Amidst the business of each entrepreneur, people who get involved with werewolves, that's when each of them got a precise answer on how to deal with their lovers, soul mates and the countless problems that arose with the city she had to manage. Following between stories of the city and the companies that exist in Lovecraft, we have the businesswoman and socialite Shoko Delphos, she is rich, she is spectacular, she is very smart. Between competitors, desires, competitors, each one showing their lives, their yearnings, their sins of those who feel desires for a man, only those who desire the most beautiful woman. Those who live among their desires, their anxieties, those who desire the most beautiful company, the overwhelming sensation, in which life and its tasks are shown, in which the seductive, sensual life is shown. Those who desire her body and mind captivate the men around her, she has the power to control and fascinate any man who passes in front of her, especially the four men in her life, who seek her attention. Where each of them looks for business, they try to be close to her, they are always kneeling at her feet, she is just fantastic with an air of seduction. Even so between trying to get more and more involved in the world of pleasure, lust and love, she was giving so much to everyone around her, she had werewolves, life among vampires rewarding her with their bodies the demons that exist in the city.

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