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Sa'ad Ibn Sa'ad

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About me

I am an optimistic and a reader, as I believe great readers makes great writers. I have a deep liking for thrillers, especially the works of the thriller legend, James Hadley Chase and I also love music.


An Alpha's Rebel Mate
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  • 5.0

Only Morana's blade could save the Lycan clan from annihilation, and Ivar was to travel back to sometime in the past with Tyrone to retrieve this sword in its last known location. The search for the sword went bad when a Vampire attacked them and followed them to the past. He was met with more than he bargained for in the past. and it all began with him stumbling upon his fated mate, Urzula, a rebel, who was also of strange interest to the Vampire on their tail. Things fell apart between them when she was turned into the thing he dreaded and hated the most.

The Vampire's Enemy Bride
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  • 5.0

Warren was on a mission to sabotage the werewolf's plan to retrieve Morana's blade, a mythical weapon capable of killing a multitude of immortals with a single strike. His life is tied to the success of the mission, if he succeeds, he lives and if he does not, the Vampire Lord would take his life instead. On his quest, Warren stumbles upon his fated bride, Freya, who was with the werewolves and who hated him for murdering her father coldbloodedly on their first encounter. He wanted nothing than to succeed in his mission, preserve his life, and also win the heart of his bride, but the mission makes him the bad guy which makes things rather impossible for him.

An Alpha's Maiden Mate
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  • 3.0

In the quest for Morana's blade, Tyrone stumbles on his fated mate and was faced with the protection of his love from a Vampire intent on her life and the search for the blade to rescue the Lycan clan from future annihilation in the coming war. The Ascension, a war among immortals drew near and the Lycan clan needed a miracle to survive the war, considering their closest allies had now allied with their immortal enemies, the Vampire Horde. The search for Morana's blade, a sword with extraordinary abilities capable of bringing the Lycan clan to equal footing with their enemies, had brought Tyrone to the past.


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