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Bella Rais

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About me

I am a 22 years old writer who has been writing since I was 13 years old. I would say I am a girl who dreams a lot and always have much stories to share!


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  • 👁 198
  • 7.5

Under the silver-lit canopy of the Elysian night, three formidable male leaders emerged from the shadows, representing their respective clans. The Alpha of the Werewolf Clan, the Alpha of the Feline Clan, and the Alpha of the Faerie Clan stood side by side, their eyes fixed on Eve, the lone Seraphyn, the last of her kind. Darius, his fur as dark as the night, spoke first, his voice carrying the resonance of centuries. "Eve, with your blood, our pack would be unstoppable. Join us, and the moon itself will bow to your power." Caelon, a feline grace personified, purred seductively, "Eve, with you by our side, Ember Shadows will cast a shadow over all of Elysia. Your strength will make us invincible." Vaelis, adorned in ethereal wings, chimed in with an alluring melody. "Seraphyn, your essence will infuse our Enchanted Grove with magic unparalleled. Imagine the beauty we could create together." Eve, standing resolute, gazed at the three male leaders. "I am not a prize to be won or a mate to be claimed. My heart belongs to no clan, but to love. The Seraphyn legacy will not be a pawn in your struggle for dominance." A tense silence settled over the moonlit clearing, broken only by the distant howls, feline purrs, and fairy whispers. The male leaders exchanged glances, their desire for Eve as their mate warring with her unwavering determination. In that moment, Eve, the last of the Seraphyn, stood as a beacon against the gathering storm, her choice echoing through the supernatural realm. The fate of Elysia hung in the balance, and Eve's decision would shape the destiny of a world on the brink of chaos.


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