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About me

Hello! I am Jiah, also known as Pinky, thank you for supporting my book here!


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  • 👁 21.6K
  • 7.5

Natasha stumbled upon a strange-looking man that was killing someone on the side of the road. She was witnessing something she couldn't imagine. The guy was half-wolf, half-human. To her fear, she runs away. But the man noticed her and smelled her scent, so he followed Natasha. But unfortunately for Natasha, the man catches her. As the man hovered over her, she noticed how beautiful his half-human form was, captivated by its eyes. She was about to touch him when suddenly a loud alarm woke her up. It was all just a dream. Natasha chose to go to school, dismissing her nightmare. Later on, Nathan Jones Davis walked in and was introduced. He soon joins the class and sits in front of Natasha. When Natasha first saw him, she felt like she saw the man before until she realized he looks like the man that turned half-wolf in her dream. She felt this weird tingling sensation that made her shiver whenever she looked at Nathan. She avoided him ever since. One day, she's changing her clothes for physical education when a bunch of cheerleaders stole her clothes, and she is forced to stay in the bathroom, naked. When she tried to go out, she saw Nathan and the cheerleader making out in the bathroom. The cheerleader grabbed her phone and was about to take pictures to humiliate Natasha when Nathan stopped helped Natasha instead.  Because of sudden events, they soon go out, and Nathan takes her virginity. One day, Nathan was absent from school, and she thought he had ditched her. He soon returns to her relief, but something is odd about him. His face didn’t change, but his words and actions were different from the way it was before. One thought was formulating inside her head. That is not Nathan.


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