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I gasped for more air when he reached my face, caressing it while burying himself deep inside me. "I am only yours... and you are only mine." he started moving an unfamiliar, but slow and strange beat. Our bodies are quivering with so much pleasure as he takes me deeper and deeper. "No, l-I do-don't like y-you." I tried to utter these words as his thrusts became deeper and much more defined. Anger rushed through him, upon hearing those words. He began thrusting very very fast and hard, with each thrusts sending a shiver down my spine. He thrust faster and faster, without mercy, that the bed break. Muscles in his arms protruding as he guides both my legs to open more in front of him. "You are f*ck*ng moaning and having this... and you don't like me?" I stopped answering as I moan, wanting to c*m once again. My scream enveloped the whole villa. He doesn't stop there. He tease my breast and my folds as he takes me in a different and long missionary position. It's true that I don't like him. I like someone else, his brother. But when he do this, I don't know why my body gave in. I already moved on from him. He became a successful CEO of his company and I, an accountant. Our relationship when I was nineteen and young is already gone. "You can't escape me." that was his final voice that made me scared to death. He takes me more than several times. Different positions and different rhythms. And me, enjoying it, moaning and gasping for air as his pet bulges within me. I am scared of having s*x with him and him, making a contract marriage to have me. I hate him. I f*ck*ng hate him. I don't know anymore. "Please stop this, Simoun." I said, when I woke up from having countless rounds with him on the bed. He is near, thrusting hard and long inside me, still caressing my breasts and leaving a mark on my neck and chest. "I won't stop until you come back to me." And I know that he can use me, but I won't come back with him. After the death of his father, Viviana is a maid in the Alvarez mansion. She has long planned of taking revenge on Alvarez, Governor Gerry Alvarez who killed his father. In a long time, Viviana and Simoun became close to each other because Simoun helps people. Simoun fell for her but she doesn't like Simoun in the first place and never liked him. She rejected Simoun's proposal. They became separated as Viviana leave him with her heart broken for the death of her mother, leaving her alone. Simoun loves Viviana, but Viviana grew apart and loved Alonzo, Simoun's brother. Finding out this, Simoun finds a way to have a contract marriage with Viviana and punish her for making him wait and not loving him. His feelings for her became more intense, and he wants Viviana all by himself. But on everything that he does, Viviana doesn't like him. Even if he is also a Billionaire CEO, richer than his younger brother. She simply doesn't want him and prefers his brother. But she likes him when he's on top of her, making her scream, gasped for air, moan out of pleasure. Will Simoun make Viviana fall in love with him, or will Viviana, after all, of Simoun's effort and love, still choose Alonzo? Simoun's night we're always question about Viviana. If she even once liked him or if he is waiting for a lifetime for Viviana to come back is in vain. Simoun is obsessed with Viviana. Making her moan is his greatest achievement and will always be his favorite melody. Will he still be given a chance for Viviana's love? Or will his brother, Alonzo, still win Viviana's heart?


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