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Miss Sparks

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About me

Miss Sparks is a 34 years old lady with more than 8 years of experience in the art of transporting my readers to other worlds from the comfort of their phones with the mind-blowing and highly addictive stories I create which leaves my readers wanting more. I am highly skilled in crafting romantic and action-packed stories filled with twists and turns that leave my readers at the edge of their seats and counting the minutes till the next episode.


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  • 👁 15
  • 5.0

In this intriguing story of Lucas Delgado, a man whose life is marred by tragedy and deception, we dive into a world filled with dark secrets, ruthless criminals, and an unquenchable thirst for revenge. His life takes a devastating turn when his father is murdered and his mother abandons him in front of the mansion of his father's killer, barely days old. Domingo Sanchez who adopts him becomes the only father he has known but is also his father’s murderer. Domingo names him Antonio and raises him alongside his son, Mateo, without realizing the true connection they share. Years pass, and Antonio meets and falls head for Serena Lopez. Fate, however, cruelly unveils a shocking revelation, Serena is the stepdaughter of his biological mother. When he comes face to face with his mother again, their lives are irrevocably turned upside down as long-hidden truths are unraveled. Antonio was torn between his truth and his love for the only father he had ever known. But destiny conspires against him, as Domingo discovers the truth about him and plots to kill him which forces him to run for his safety but he could not save the love of his life or his mother. Years later, Antonio returns, adopting the identity of his father, Lucas Delgado. He slowly wreaks havoc within the cartel, unleashing his wrath and dismantling its operations from the inside. The news of his brutality spread and all feared Lucas Delgado, this made him rise to the top as the respected Lord of the Mafians.


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