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Moon Goddess

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Lyra Brown one day became Lyra Aurelia Da Vamp after being crushed by a bus or truck because of her carelessness. She didn't even know how she died. She woke up in another world as a vampire princess. Many trials are waiting for her to be upgraded from a half-blooded vampire princess to the greatest vampire queen. Can she overcome all the trials and reach her goal? She is the princess of Darkenia, the kingdom of vampires, while he is the grand-duke of Angelica, the kingdom of angels. While pretending to be lovers, she became the one who fell into the abyss of love. How about the other one? Who was the one to fall first in the game of playing lovebirds? After falling in love with an angel, would history repeat itself again? While there have been past feuds between the vampire race and the angel race, what would be the ending for the two lovebirds? Or can lovers solve every misunderstanding and unite all races to fight the devil's king? Sneak-Peak: Lyra: My angel, my life, my entire world—you’re the one that I want, the one that I need. Let me be with you always, my love, my everything. You are only mine while you are alive, and you would be only mine when you were dead. Do you still want to be with me, my dearest? Leo: Even if you didn’t say it, we both can be only ours. There would be no one; even death can separate us. I am always yours, and you are always mine, my lovely Lyra.


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