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  • Author: LuaNegra
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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A contract. One contract completely changed Isabella's life, the young girl signed a dangerous contract to save her father's life. But it was not just a simple contract. Isabella was born into a poor family and lost her mother to an illness, she had to survive with her father who was making more and more debts to dangerous people. The amount of debt increased every day until it became impossible to pay, but they owed money to a dangerous Italian mafia. The young girl could not let her father die, so she put her precious life in the hands of the powerful Lorenzo Mancini. She became a prisoner surrounded by luxury and danger by being close to one of the most powerful families in the country. Lorenzo Mancini forgives no one, he is a cold and calculating man, the kind of person with the cold blood to commit horrible acts without any regret, he is the head of the Mancini family and one of the most powerful gangsters around. His life was reduced to casual s*x, guns, money, and a lot of power in his hands, but the life of the powerful gangster Lorenzo Mancini changes completely when he comes face to face with the only girl who could cause different emotions and sensations in him. It was just a contract to save the life of a poor father, but the situation changed when Bella was able to see the good side of the beast. Isabella fell in love with the man who took away her freedom, this was not in the contract she signed, but she could not control her desires and feelings for that mysterious and dangerous man. Love overcame any other feeling and Isabella got what no one ever got from Lorenzo Mancini, his love.


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