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Jhay Harrison

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About me

(Leans back in the chair, a wry smile playing on the lips) Ah, where to begin? Jhay might be the name on the page, but I'm a tapestry woven from the bustling energy of Lagos, the quiet hum of rainy season afternoons spent devouring books, and a relentless curiosity about the human experience. This city, with its symphony of honking horns and sizzling street food, is the lifeblood that pumps through my stories. Writing isn't a profession for me, it's a compulsion. It's the way I breathe, the way I process the world, the way I connect with the kaleidoscope of humanity that surrounds me. My earliest memories are filled with tales spun by my grandmother, each word a brushstroke painting vivid scenes in my young mind. Those stories were my portal to fantastical worlds, a testament to the power of language. It ignited a spark within me, a need to not just consume stories, but to create them. The path life laid out for me wasn't paved with words, but with spreadsheets and business deals. But the call of the narrative was too strong. I spent nights hunched over notebooks, stolen moments between crunching numbers filled with crafting characters and weaving plots. My first attempts were clumsy things, filled with the unpolished enthusiasm of a fledgling writer. But with each story, each rejection letter (oh, the sting of those!), my voice grew stronger, my vision clearer. Lagos became my muse. The city's vibrant tapestry - the street vendors hawking their wares with infectious energy, the overflowing minibuses crammed with life, the quiet dignity playing out in the everyday struggles – seeped into my writing. My characters found their voices in the city's cacophony, their stories mirroring the daily hustle. I explored themes of love and loss set against the backdrop of a city that throbs with life, stories that resonated with the experiences of those around me. However, my ambition wasn't confined to the Lagos I knew. I craved to explore the vast landscape of human experience. I devoured foreign novels, immersing myself in the rhythms of different cultures, the universality of emotions shining through despite the cultural barriers. This newfound perspective broadened my scope, allowing me to craft stories that resonated with a wider audience. Today, I stand at a crossroads. I haven't quite achieved the literary success I dream of, but the journey itself has been its own reward. The joy of crafting a sentence that sings, the satisfaction of building a world that feels real, the connection forged with readers who see a reflection of themselves in my characters - these are the things that keep me going. Here's the thing, reader: I believe everyone has a story to tell. The barista brewing your morning cup, the security guard with a weary smile, the woman navigating the crowded market with purpose in her eyes – all of them carry stories within them, waiting to be unearthed. That's what I want to do – to be a conduit, to bring those stories to life on the page. I'm not all sunshine and story ideas, though. There's self-doubt that creeps in like Lagos fog, the occasional creative block that feels as stubborn as a molue driver in rush hour traffic. But that's where the city's spirit kicks in – the resilience, the hustle, the unwavering belief that there's a way forward. So I keep pushing, revising, rewriting, because a story worth telling is worth fighting for. Perhaps you'll find a glimpse of yourself in the pages I write. Maybe you'll be transported to a bustling Lagos marketplace, or a quiet corner cafe in Paris. One thing I can promise is this: my stories will be infused with the vibrancy of Lagos, the honesty of lived experience, and a deep respect for the human spirit in all its complexities. So, the next time you hear the whisper of rain on a rooftop, remember, it might just be a story waiting to be told. And hey, if you're ever in Lagos, hit me up on Twitter (@LagoStoryteller). We can grab a plate of jollof rice and swap stories, Lagos style.


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