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Isabella Morgan

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Sophia is determined to prevent her critically ill mother's death. Her mother was violently shunned for marrying a poor man, leaving her with no alternative except to beg for assistance from her wealthy, ruthless grandfather. Grandpa gave his consent to assist. She must, under one terrible requirement, wed Andreas Aristoteles, a wealthy and influential Greek. Andreas is breathtaking in every way - gorgeous as sin and has a devastating effect on women. Sophia detests him, however. Like her grandfather, he is brutal and cruel. You must abide by his laws, which are absolute. His stern command Brides must dress in white. She protested out of disdain, dressing entirely in black as if she were going to her own funeral as she walked down the aisle. Another redhead beauty that will give many headaches to our sexy billionaire hero. Let's have fun together, as we witness Andreas and Sophia’s journey in finding true love.

A Billionaire for A Night
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Annabel works as a nurse full-time and resides in a compact apartment. She likes going to the club with her coworkers both during the week and on the weekends. She made the choice to depart alone and early. She was passing an alley when she heard unusual noises and sounds of thugs trying to hurt someone, and she immediately reached out to the man lying on the ground who was seriously hurt. She later learned that the man was billionaire Philip Canton. Despite Philip's reservations about whether or not they would ever see each other again, he is stunning and owes her a tremendous deal of appreciation. Later, he invited Annabel to spend a night in the club in his VIP area. Philip merely intended to express gratitude once again. But as events unfolded, she found herself completely exposed in his arms. But she hadn't regretted it. She had never slept with anyone finer than him. Due to his intoxication, Philip didn't even consider using protection. Annabel got pregnant two months later. Additionally, Philip is unaware of the pregnancy. Philip gently wins Annabel over with his love and support despite her reluctance. They create a family and raise their son together. But as Philip's history returns to haunt him, their happiness is put in jeopardy. Can Annabel and Philip overcome their obstacles and achieve a happy ending?


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