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Honey Writes

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About me

An avid reader ✨ Specialize in all kinds of genres ranging from romance, YA teens, billionaire's romance, and many more.


Tender Trifles Of Love
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"The flowers and vegetables they planted together was already blossoming,a dark constract to their own relationship which was just blossoming but no had to wither." Lucy is a force to be reckoned with; she's bold, cheeky, spirited, lively, and impudent. Lucy had lived in town her whole life, but after her mother's passing, she was unexpectedly adopted by her mother's employer, the Lennons. The Lennons were the presidential family, the most influential and powerful family in the city. They decided to adopt Lucy, much to the dismay of their only child Nathaniel. Nathaniel, a rude and proud heir, was displeased with his parents adopting Lucy. His mother opposed his opinion for the first time, all because of Lucy. Nathaniel decided to take out his dissatisfaction on her, but she wasn't as gentle or demure as she seemed. Two people with contrasting personalities living together, they were like yin and yang but somehow fate seems to have find it's way to them as sparks begins to fly. Buth then a crumbling realization was discovered and their love is out to test. A humourous, romantic and interesting novel free of complicated twists and turns


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