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H. Tatiana

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Alya is a young woman who finds out on her wedding day that she is not is getting married to her boyfriend of adolescence, Ethan, but the brother she considers "evil". Since he had met her, he has not stopped treating her badly and playing tricks on her whenever he can, even more so because she is his brother Ethan's girlfriend. Ethan is with Alya only for interest, since this has been his strategy for years to get good grades in school without having to try so hard. In addition to the fact that with his charisma, he wins people over. But over the years Evan, who is the evil twin, doesn’t know how, ends up falling deeply in love with Alya. Etham meets again with an old love, there was the first time that Evan impersonates his brother Ethan to save him from being discovered cheating on Alya. As time goes by, Evan has no choice but to tell his brother everything, then these twins decide to change their identities so that Evan can be with Alya, while they find a way to tell her the whole truth, although they did not think it would take so long and have to continue pretending even in college, so they should give an explanation the same day of their wedding. Alya has to make a difficult decision and for this, she will have to listen to her heart because her eyes deceived her all this time, she will have to think well if she wants to leave Evan who has done the merits to win her love or if she lets pride decide for her. Although deep down, she knows that her happiest years are the ones she has spent with Evan, the "evil" twin. Alya asks Evan for some time to give her an answer, as she doesn't want to make a bad decision by having to decide on the run. In the end, Alya decides for love and accepts Evan as her husband. Although they have to overcome some obstacles as a third party appears who wants to convince Alya that she made a bad decision. Even so, love triumphs, and they form a beautiful family where a pair of twins are born.


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