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Delilah Kent

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About me

Reading and writing have been my favorite hobbies since childhood, and I adore romances with HEAs. Since picking up my first Mills & Boons book about a nurse and Dutch doctor over two decades ago, I knew romance would become my favorite genre, followed by fantasy and crime/suspense. As a ghostwriter, I write clean Regency and Contemporary romance stories, so I wanted to challenge myself by writing steamy stories with possessive billionaires, obsessive alphas and everything else likely to make us giggle and gasp while reading, and have our toes curl to the point you just need to take a second before continuing with the story. I have written many stories for my own pleasure and given some to family and friends, but they were mostly unfinished because I had no motivation to complete them (alas, my ADHD loves to sabotage me). Bringing my stories here to Alpha Novel and being able to add chapters weekly gives me the determination to finish the story, especially if people enjoy it!


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Cassandra Pearson is content with her life. She gets to write sweet romances for a living, lives in a great apartment, and can choose what she does with her days, which includes going to her favorite coffee shop and second-hand bookshop. Her life takes a sudden dramatic turn when her agent gives her an ultimatum: start writing steamier romances or her contract won't be renewed. At twenty-four, Cassandra is still a virgin and has never even been kissed. She has never found anyone who made her want to pop her cherry, and she's happy being single. However, if she still wants to live the life she has grown accustomed to, she needs to find a way to increase her sexual experience or risk her contract. When Marcus, the well-known hottie at her favorite coffee shop, offers to help her with the dilemma, she reluctantly agrees. However, she finds herself unprepared for the erotic world she steps into... Marcus Levine, a billionaire and playboy, has had his eye on Cassandra for a while. However, the plump beauty barely acknowledges his existence. She's different from other women and intrigues him to the point of obsession. When he overhears her conversation about her lack of sexual experience, he believes it's the perfect way to get closer to her and finally satisfy his thirst for her. Aiden, his best friend, joins in seducing her, believing it's only a physical relationship. But what happens when they break their own rule of never falling in love and start to fall for her?


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