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About me

D. E. Bartley lives in Wales, UK, with her husband, three feral boys, two cats, two kittens, and a budgie. To say her home is a madhouse would be an understatement, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. When Bartley isn’t running around after her tribe or driving her husband up the wall, she can be found reading and collecting books like a dragon. Nothing is as important to Bartley as time with her family, and she loves her trips home to Cornwall with them more than anything in the world. What could possibly compare to sitting on a Cornish beach, with a glass of Cornish gin in one hand and an authentic Cornish pasty in the other, whilst the monsters, I mean children, play and bodyboard in the sea? Absolutely nothing. To find all her released works please check out her website,


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Sadie To those who visit her library, Sadie is the outgoing, book-loving, fun librarian whom you can't help but love. But inside, she is lonely. For years, she has struggled with chronic headaches and migraines and can be so ill that she spends days in bed in a dark room. She realised a long time ago that people soon disappear when you often have to cancel plans and let them down. So, outside of work, she hides away, curls up with a good book and her faithful cat, and tries to ignore the growing loneliness that threatens to consume her. Jayden Jayden lives for the fast life. Fast cars, fast-growing businesses, and most importantly, fast-ending relationships. Jayden doesn't stay with the same person for more than a few weeks; he's still young and carefree and has no intention of ever settling down. He can't think of anything worse than the idea of staying in every night with one person; settling down is like a curse word to him. One day, he has to look after his niece and takes her to the local library, where he finds the gorgeous Sadie. Suddenly, finding every excuse to visit the library again just to see her. Can Jayden allow things to start slowing down so he can have Sadie by his side and help her when she needs him? Can Sadie stop hiding behind her condition and let herself live a little? Both face big changes in their lives, but is it going to be enough for them to accept each other's faults as the librarian falls for a playboy?


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