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  • Author: Cupid
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 38
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All Alpha Gale wanted was to avenge his brother's death and to do that, he took the identity of his older twin brother. It was simple, walk like Dale, eat like Dale, BE Dale. With his own identity buried, he easily lived like his twin to find his murderers. But easy gets thrown out of the window when Dale's best friend returned from where she was, walking into his office with a sacred bond almost extinct to werewolf, a lovely scent, a special bond; his mate. With his human mate comes a prophecy, a challenging fate that he must conquer or face the consequences of being conquered and losing his mate. _____ "Dale," I raised my head up from my computer with instant anger, my head snapping up to scare the person that dared call me by my… brother's name. The woman cringed, but it didn't stop the default words from leaving my mouth. "It's Mr. Kensington to you," her lips parted with shock as she stated at me. Frosti blond hair, natural and up in a ponytail. Ocean green eyes, smooth beige skin. Lovely. Wait, what? "Since when?" I watched her walk over to me confidently, swaying her hips and hands. She dropped her bag on the desk and tilted her head. "Dale, what has happened to you?" Wait, frosti blonde hair? She looked a lot like… "Blythe?" Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! She's back! "Yes, Blythe. Dale…" My body moved on it own volition. I stood up quickly, a smile spreading on my face. I had to act like Dale, I had his personality sewed into me without even trying. She didn't fight me, just let me wrap my arms around her. She smelt like a sea of flowers, an entire garden thrown into a sea, a fresh water sea. She held her breath when I hugged her, and I almost did too. My mind did a flip and scattered, something I hadn't felt in years, ever since he shut himself in. He came back to life, he awoke inside me and screamed the words I didn't think I would hear for the rest of my life. Mate!


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