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Siemuri Daniela

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"But you...", he said looking passionately into her eyes. "You could burn down the entire mafia until it's nothing but charred rubble, and I would crawl over the embers with glee, so long as I could worship at your feet." "If that's love, then yes, I love you." He lifts a shoulder. "I can't feel anything but love for you." Arya was forced to get married to Leonardo, a powerful mafia boss with an unbroken reputation. He’s cold, hard, ruthless, and merciless. She's kind, tender-hearted, beautiful, and caring. Arya never imagined her fate would be tied to Leonardo—a formidable mafia boss whose name alone invokes fear. Forced into a marriage that feels more like a prison, Arya braces herself for a life devoid of love and warmth, shadowed by Leonardo’s ruthless reputation. Yet, as she dwells in the heart of danger, Arya glimpses the man beneath the monster—the hidden warmth behind his icy facade. Against the chaos of their entwined lives, a reluctant passion begins to stir. But enemies lurk in every shadow, eager to tear apart their precarious bond. In a world where betrayal is business and love is a liability, Arya must decide if she’s ready to risk everything. Will she surrender to the unexpected flames of love, or will their alliance crumble under the weight of threats and deceit? Discover if the reluctant bride will become the heart of the mafia, or if her marriage to Leonardo is doomed to remain a loveless pact.


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