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Visionary and living a life of fallacy


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“I have you now and there is no way I will agree to this divorce. You are mine, Juniper Reed” She stared at the man who suddenly looked very foreign to her. This is the same man she married? The same as Asher Knightley? In the world of the elite, Juniper Reed's heartbreak and hatred for love have hardened her. Her boyfriend of four be year's ended their relationship with cruel words. With no desire to waste time on love she buried herself in her family which is on the verge of bankruptcy. Which she knew nothing about . But fate thrusts her into an arranged marriage with Asher Knightley, a powerful figure with his own secrets. As Juniper battles resentment, she discovers a love she never expected. However, manipulative from different angles and threatens their happiness. Juniper's trust in the wrong person sets off a chain of events that tests her loyalty and love for Asher. With unexpected twists and shocking revelations, the story takes a dark turn as Juniper fights to protect her family and unravel the true mastermind behind their struggles. Betrayal, deception, and a gripping battle for survival unfold in this captivating tale. Can Juniper and Asher overcome their pasts and find a love that defies all odds? “I left home not because I want a man who will decide my every move.” Juniper shouted seething in anger . “I only agreed because I had no choice and you know that” Asher smirked and moved close to her. He harshly held her wrist and pulled her close. She winced in pain but the anger in her eyes was not something that could be hidden. She hated him. This is not a matter of love or her affection towards him anymore. He has closed all lines with his absurd possessiveness. “You know you belong to me” he said with a smile which did not reach his eyes. “I BELONG TO NO ONE” she answered. Asher chuckled evilly and pulled her closer. Without any warning she was severely kissed on the lips . He… Did he kiss her? “I said it before and I will say it again. Juniper Reed belongs only to Asher Knightley and that is something you should never forget” What is wrong with this cold-hearted rich guy? He is cold and inhuman. But with her, he tried to take advantage of her . “Boss, your cousin is with your wife again” “Why are you telling me this? Just get him away from her already” “But..” “But what?” “Madam is the one who invited him out this time” He face slapped himself when he heard this. “Guess she won. Just let him off this time” “But Boss are you letting him off the hook” “Why would I do that? I just don't want my wife to not be engaged in any unpleasant situation” Obsidian Temptation: Trillionaire's Spell is a mesmerizing journey through the realms of power, passion, and the resilience of the human heart.


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