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I woke up with no memories except my name. There's a handsome man beside me, calling himself my boyfriend. He meticulously takes care of me, feeds me medicine on time and has a very gentle attitude. But…….. Why do I feel like his gaze holds extreme deception? ********* Elixir, a centuries-old Fae, lived a peaceful life in his own lonely world. Until one day, his destined mate, a rare White Werewolf named Jacob, fell from the sky literally and metaphorically! Those two may destined to be each other's eternal lovers. However, they were not destined to stay together for long….. A planned civil war by an evil cult did not only separate them but also in some mysterious circumstances, shattered Jacob's soul into pieces! The eternal lovers might face eternal separation…… But, Elixir was not going to sit and let destiny take his mate away from him, even if he had to bring his mate back from another world! 'A world full of blood-sucking vampires!' Yet, it's not easy to do so with his enemies still hiding in the shadows…… Entering the Vampire world and cause its Hero to become a Villain of his own world! So, how will he bring back his mate and how will they protect their world from the clutches of a dark cult, striving to take over the world when he doesn't even know their real name? According to his mentor, they are someone closely related to him. Who could that be? A foe, a relative or……. an enemy in a friend's disguise……?l Let's accompany him on an adventurous journey to find out!


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